How Many Protestant and Orthodox Communities are there in the world?

In the world there are lots of religions. But when we look at the most densely populated religions it can be said that there are three main religions in the world. One of them is Christianity, another is Islam and the other one is Judaism. images

When we look at from the point of population, the religion of Christianity is at the first densely populated in the world and after the Christianity, Islam is the second religion that are densely populated in the world. And after these two religions Judaism is another religion that is available in the world. And along these three main religions there are tens of religions and beliefs. They are so variable that most of the people don’t know about them. Out main topic here is the Christianity and its sects. As we know there are three sects of Christianity. One of them is Catholic, another one is Orthodox and the other one is Protestant. There are millions of people who believe these three types of sects of Christianity. Now let’s look at the Protestant and Orthodox sects of the religion of Christianity.



The number of Communities who are Protestant and Orthodox in the whole world

When we look at the whole world we can see that there are lots of people who believe different sects.  When we look at the number of communities who believe Protestantism we can say that the exact number is 22 and we can show these communities such as in the list. Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Evangelic, Anabaptist, Hussite, Brethren, Quaker, Waldensian, Puritan, Pietism, Amish, Hutterist, Mennonist, Reformist, Presbyterian, Congregation, Charismatic, Scientist, Calvinist and Charismatic Protestantism. These are the types and the communities that use the Protestantism in their lives. When we look at the other sect of the religion of Christianity, we see that there are 21 different communities that are inside the sect of Orthodox in the religion of Christianity. These communities are Belarus, Bulgaria, Calderon, Coptic, Hungary, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Scotland, Latin, Italia Albanian, Maronite, Melcit, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Syria, Malabar, Malancara and the Ukraine.  It can be said that these two sects are the main sects of the Christianity. When we look the sect of Protestantism we can say that it is founded in the years of 16th century by Martin Luther and Jaen Calvin and the Papa is also supporting them when they are founding the sect. and when we look at the modern world it is one of the most popular sects of the Christianity. On the other hand when we look at the Orthodox sect we can see that this sect is older than the Protestantism. It is founded between the centuries of 4 and 8 and when we look at the number of congregation of the Church of Orthodox we can say that approximately they have between 225 and 300 million people all around the whole world. And this is the third biggest sects of the Christianity. 


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