How many differences are there between PSP and PS Vita?

Play Station Vita or PSP Vita with its popular name is the newest portable game console that Sony released. It’s released in 2011 for Asia and in 2012 for America. It’s a main rival of Nintendo 3DS. Features like four-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore and 5-inch OLED screen are awesome. But also there are some disappointments for the PSP fans in this device. Till Eurogamer reported first rumor about device in 2009, there were several claims and more. Some criticizers claimed that PSP Vita brought nothing new to electronic and gaming world, it only used the technology. How many differences are there between PSP and PS Vita?

First of all, processor and GPU unit of PS Vita is very high from PSP. Fastest model of PSP was producing 333 MHz from processor and 167 MHz from graphic unit but Vita is producing 800 MHz to 2000 MHz.
PS Vita is bigger than PSP in all dimensions. It’s a subjective topic because bigger screen is good for gamers but bigger dimension is not. While PSP is 6.7 to 2.7, PS Vita is 7.16 to 3.29. PSP was offering a TFT display with 480 to 272 pixels. PS Vita is offering 960 to 544 pixels in 5-inch OLED screen. It’s also possible to see 16:9 aspect ratios in PS Vita.
Control of two devices is not very different. When the first rumors about touch screen of PS Vita has come, people thought that it will be used in gameplay and it’s true in some games. PS Vita is offering also gyroscope sensors and accelerometer more than PSP and they are very useful in games. But these sensors are not a revolution in gaming world because Android is also offering same feature.

Internal storage is what PS Vita is criticized. PSP was using a little but important internal memory and PSP Go was including a 16 GB internal memory. It’s very important to save games and other media to device. PSP Vita needs an external storage to save games and other media. Common idea about this feature is avoid hacking.
PS Vita is using a new and unique memory card system. It means old UMD discs are not possible to use in this device. It’s mainly cause of new games capacity and UMD discs’ limit. Sony also announced that they have no work on developing external UMD drivers. But some 3rd party developers may produce and sell it.
TV-Out is not possible in PS Vita. It was a controversial topic that playing PSP games in TV is joyful or not. After 3rd party producers released their PSP to TV connection cables, Sony also produced more cables but it couldn’t gain a commercial success. There were some rumors that PS Vita will have a HDMI.

Using PS Vita as a Bluetooth keyboard or joystick on PS3 is not something new because PSP Go was offering this feature. There were various rumors that PS Vita will also support this feature but it’s not offering.
PS Vita is released with similar prices to PSP’s first release. Price range is between 250$ to 350$. Also games are on the similar prices with PSP. A Fifa game can be found from 30$ range for PS Vita.
It’s not possible to reject battery of device. Gamers believe that it’s a protection from hack because older PSP devices are hacked with some battery tricks firstly. But it’s very problematic because some freezes need removing battery in all devices.
Sony CEO announced that there will a Sony PS One classics game for PS Vita but there’s no definite release date.

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