How many days 1948 Arab–Israeli War lasted?

1948 Arab–Israeli War is also known as Independence War by Israelis. The war was between coalitions of Arab states and Palestinians to State of Israel. It’s known as one of the main starter of today’s biggest conflict in the world. It was a big and bloody war. How many days 1948 Arab–Israeli War lasted?

Before British Mandate of Palestine finished in 1948, Jordan gained independence in 1946 and Egypt became nominally independent. Lebanon and Syria also won their independence from France in 1946.

Arab countries created an Arab League. Then United Nations wrote a partition plan for Jewish and Palestinian conflict. Most of the topic was about population and the part that parties will take. Israeli accepted the plan because of being independent to gain international recognition.

First of Palestinians also accepted but then Arab League didn’t approve the plan and war started. In 14 may Jewish leader Ben-Gurion declared independence and declared it international. Lots of countries are recognized this independence on same day. On the same day Arab forces entered the Palestine and send a letter to UN as written main aim of them is creating a United State of Palestine.

After the first days of defeat on war, Israeli army started to grow from 20.000 to 100.000 in 6 months. After months Israeli forces started to won the little fights and then started to make operations like Operation Danny. At the end of the war, Israeli won the war and drew its borders. The war started officially in 15 May 1948 and finished in 10 March 1949.

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