How Many Albums did the Beatles Record?

Form the past to today in world history there are hundreds of singers and bands and in the future new bands will be emerged because of the fact that the music will be always on people’s lives. When we look at the world history we can see lots of popular bands and they affect the whole world with their music, style and lives. On this point the band of Beatles is one of the most popular music groups on the world history. There are millions of fans of them and people like them very much. Now let’s look at the close view to the band of the Beatles.025231aa9503922f810c3d1f9dbeb


The History of the Band of the Beatles.

The Beatles is the very popular music band. It is emerged in the city of Liverpool in England. It is the years of 1960’s when it is emerged and again in those years it is very popular along the whole world. Not only from the point of arts but also from the point of commercial success have they reached much more popularity. From the fashion to the music they affect to the millions of the people. The band of the Beatles breaks lots of record of selling. They sell more than one billion albums and with their fifty songs they take the top of the popular music lists and on the other hand it is said that in the United States of the America they are the first group that are English that reach to the success. A game of them that name is “The Beatles Rock Band” is emerged. When we look at the setting up the group we see the period’s effects. In the years of 1950’s with the great effects of the Rock’n Roll John Lennon starts to interest in the this type of music with his friend Pete Shotton and they set up a group whose name is the The Quarrymen in the year of 1956 and then a man whose name is Bill Smith attends that groupand the bases of the band of The Beatles are start to founded. After some time there are some changes in the members of the group and consequently with the time they finally reach the success. They no longer a band and they start to work together in order to reach new successes and to produce new songs. When we look at the album history of the band of The Beatles we can see that they have lots of music albums and they sell millions of them. On the total they have 13 albums released that are original but they have other songs. These 13 albums are like this:

Please Please Me (1963)

With The Beatles (1963)

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

Beatles For Sale (1964)

Help! (1965)

Rubber Soul (1965)

Revolver (1966)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

The Beatles White Album (1968)

Yellow Submarine (1969)

Abbey Road (1969)

Let It Be (1970)


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