How many Data centers are there Google has?

Google data centers are containers which Google secure and serve search data. Data centers are the heart of Google search. They were secret places since 2011 but then Google made a data center summit and revealed some secrets. Also old Google workers revealed some other secrets about Google data centers. There are Google Data centers in America’s important gateway cities. How many Data centers are there Google has?

Data centers are always updating by Google. It’s very important because indexing is the main point of Google search algorithm and index update is securing the injustice in search results.

One of the most important data centers of Google is one the Berkeley County. Its working since 2007 and Google made $600 million investment to this data center.

Council Bluffs Data Center is another earlier data center of Google. It’s on the border and it’s known that Google hides some secret algorithm information in here.

Douglas County Data Center is the future of Google data centers. It uses grey water to cool the center and its very nature friendly center.

Mayes County is the newest data center of Google. It’s employing over 100 people in facility and Google will increase the number in 2013.

North Carolina and Oregon are other data centers of Google. North Carolina is smaller than others and Oregon is first built data center, it will stop in 2014 for the hunches.

Google has also data centers in Finland, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

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