How many symptoms of Midlife crisis are there?

Midlife crisis is a common problem occurs when people faced their mortality and started to think about remaining lifetime of them. Midlife Crisis comes mostly after 35 but it’s possible to see that early or late versions. Lots of situations triggers Midlife crisis and most common ones is menopause, andropcause, children leaving home or career problems in job. Some people decide to change their life or lifestyle totally after midlife crisis but they mostly leave the solution to time. Only a little part of them realizes problem’s roots and tries to solve them. How many symptoms of Midlife crisis are there?

Symptoms of a midlife crisis changes from person to person and situations they are in. A woman whose children leaves home first time may feel different and show different symptoms, a man with career stuck may show different symptoms. But there are also some common symptoms that friends or family of him or her may notice.
Looking to mirror for a long time every day is a general symptom of midlife crisis. Also man or women in midlife crisis may say that “I can’t recognize myself” after looking to mirror. It’s a basic and general symptom but can be dangerous if problems are over and looking to mirror starts to be a daily routine.

After “looking to mirror” period; midlife crisis takes people mostly to “run away from everything” period. He rarely meet with his friends and show some aggressive behavior more than standard. She stops to share daily events with her family or friends. Some people in midlife crisis stay in their room for their hours without talking. These symptoms are normal and if she’s not entering into “thinking about death” period, some period may be reviewed as normal.
Some physical changes trigger midlife crisis. Especially hair loss, change in hair color and similar events forces man to midlife crisis. Sleep patterns start to change and they became easy to notice. Some people start to sleep more but mostly they sleep lesser than ever. Some pain on back and head may also trigger thoughts about midlife crisis.
Man or woman in midlife crisis firstly tries to find the solution in changing his or her daily routine. She starts to eat more and more. She starts to finish some old friend relationships or some family relationships. She may change her favorite meals and start to hate them.

After this period, she tries to change her general routine. She tries to meet with people from younger generations. It’s possible to see an over energy in this period. She tries to teach truths and experiences of life to others. She starts to talk about past unexpectedly. She restarts some works that she has left 20 years ago. She tries to write new books or make a new drawing. At the end of this period, she starts to notice that changing life is very hard with only spiritual activity and start to buy dresses, make up items and more.
In the last period of Midlife crisis, she mostly starts to get alone again. She always talks about future of society and say her opinions for making the world a better place. Desires to live a simple life even she’s living the simplest. Unexpected anger comes back and sometimes becomes over-aggressive. She starts to think about money more and always talks about boundaries of fiscal problems on her. Family members must be very careful because she may starts to force for hearing some bad words from family members and she suddenly starts to cry even in a simple word.

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