How Many Albanians Are Living in the Greece?

Are you interested in the different ethnic groups that are living in the different regions of the world? Which ethnic groups have you heard up to now and your knowledge about those people is enough to talk about them in some extend? As all we know in the whole world, there are lots of different countries and correspondingly to this situation there are lots of different races and ethnic groups but on the other hand all of these races and ethnic groups don’t have their own countries because of this reason they are living in the different countries as an immigrant and the citizenship of those countries. The other point is that some of the nations have their own countries and the independences but some of the people who are from those nations are living within another country as ethnic groups. At this point, today we are going to make a short analysis about the Albanians who are living in the country of Greece.


From the history, within the country of the Greece Albanian people have been living and when it is seen the history of the Albania we can see the date of the foundation of the country is based upon the period that is in the First World War, it is 1912. Up to the that date the Albanians are living under the control of the Ottoman Empire and with the effects of the nationalism as a result of the French revolution, the Albanian people decide to leave from the Ottoman empire like the other nations and ethnic groups. Within the Greece, from that time to now, the Albanian people have been living and the reasons of why they are living in that we can count the effects of the closeness of the Albania to the Greece and some people are saying that in the old periods in the city of Athens there are more Albanians than the Greek people but it is still under the argument between people. Now we are going to give some different information about the number of the Albanians who are living in Greece and their effects to the country.


The Number of the Albanians who Are Living in Greece

In accordance with the current researches that are related to the population, the number of the Albanian people who are living in Greece is approximately 200.000. The effects of the people are in very huge rates in the Greece, not only from the point of the economy, society but also from the point of the industry and in other fields. In the Greece there are still lots of different researches about the Albanians and it can be easily said that one of the most significant person who is master in that field is the man whose name is Georgios Nakratzas and he is doing lots of different researches at this point. Sometimes he is getting some threats from the different people and he is sometimes called as neo-janissary.


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