How Many Main Export Partners of the Country of Armenia?

As all we know, Armenia is one of the small countries in the world and when we think about the trade of the Armenia it is possible to see that the economy of the country is not so big and there are only 10 different partners of Armenia. These are Russia, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Iran, Canada, USA, Georgia, Nederland and Switzerland. As all we know there is a big problem between Turkey and Armenia. In the world today, there are lots of different countries that have problems between each other and these problems are affecting almost all of their relationship between each other primarily in the field of trade. Turkey and Armenia is the countries that have troubles with each other and as a result of this situation they have lots of problems in the field of trade and because of this lots of new problems emerge for those countries.


From the history, it is possible to see there is a great problem with the countries of Turkey and Armenia and as a result of this situation almost all of the relationships between those countries are on the stagnation point. It can be easily said that the reason of this situation is the conflicting events in the histories of those countries and the biggest problem between those countries is their cant trading between each other because there is no border gate between two countries. When it is examined the effects of this situation in a detailed way, it can be said that there are lots of significant effects resulted from that situation. First of all, the trading developments of both countries is very difficult because of not doing import and export from each other. More specifically, Armenia is in the worse situation than Turkey by the reason of its not having enough neighbor countries for doing the exports and imports however Turkey has lots of external possibilities that for the exportation and importation. At this point, as the most significant object, the exchange of the money between those countries, is almost impossible because of not doing the trade between each other, more particularly for the Armenia there is a great bazaar in Turkey for selling their goods in spite of this reason, Armenia cant send its products to the market of Turkey and correspondingly to this situation the country cant catch the chance of earning plenty of money from that bazaar.


Second, when it is thought from the other effect of that situation, it can be possible to see there are lots of smugglers between those countries. There is no border gate between those countries and on account of the fact that people are heading to the illegal ways in order to the sell their goods in the another country and they are trying to do it and they do it by using the different ways. At this point, the result of this case is giving harm to both countries since if there was a legal transportation between both countries, people would have given the taxes to each countries but because of not having border gate both countries are affected from that case in a negative way and they cant get taxes from those goods.


The last effect of the not having the border gates of between Armenia and Turkey is related to the culture. As all we know, there are lots of people who are living in Turkey who is Armenian and because of there is no border gate between countries, the people cant pass to another country directly and as a result of this situation there is no cultural exchange and exchange of the people between those countries and maybe this can be the reason for both countries that their people cant meet or know each other and it possible to say that that is the reason of the growing of the problem between both countries.


As a consequence, the problems, conflicts and other negative events are always giving the people harm and both countries should provide the peace between each other and they should live in peace with each other because a world that is filled with peace is the wish of all of the people who are living in the world.


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