How Many Countries Did The Soviet Union Split Into?

Are you interested in the history of the politics in the past of the world? What do you think about the different types of the managements in the whole world that are available today? For you, which of the type of the system of the management is the most available for the living of the people? Today we are going to make short information about the communism and the history of the communism and on the other hand we will look at the splitting into the Soviet Union and the different countries after the Soviet Union. As all we know, the Soviet Union is one of the most powerful unions when we look at the history of the world. First of all we are going to look the regime of the communism in a short way. When we say that the word of the communism the different people understand this word in a different ways but when we look at the root of the word we can see the word of the “com” and in English it means that “with” and from that point when we look at the regime of the communism we see the people’s living and working together in order to keep their lives much more quality way. In the regime of the communism there is no class distinction and all of the people are in the same position from the point of the classes of the society and they are all worker class and they are getting money from the government and correspondingly to this situation they are all working for the government themselves. When we look at the positive ways of the communism, it is possible to see that there are lots of different positive ways. For example, it can be easily said that the most significant positive way of the communism is the quality of the people and as a result of this situation in the society there is almost nobody who is poor and again on the other hand there is not anybody who are very rich and this means that people are working all together and earning all together. Now let’s look at the Soviet Union in a short way.


The History and Form of the Soviet Union

When we look at the history of the Soviet Union we can see that the government is lasts from the year of 1917 to the year of 1991. Between those years the Soviet Union is one of the most powerful governments in the world and they want to spread the regime to the whole world but after the long years resisting the regime of the capitalism, in the year of 1991 the regime is crashed and they are also start to use the regime of the capitalism. After the splitting into the different countries, the number of the different countries is 15 and the names of those countries are:


1             Russian SFSR

2             Ukrainian SSR

3             Belorussian SSR

4             Uzbek SSR

5             Kazakh SSR

6             Georgian SSR

7             Azerbaijan SSR

8             Lithuanian SSR

9             Moldavian SSR

10           Latvian SSR

11           Kirghiz SSR

12           Tajik SSR

13           Armenian SSR

14           Turkmen SSR

15           Estonian SSR


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