How Many countries Are There That Speak The Language of French As Their Official Language?

Do you know about the different languages that are in the different regions of the world or do you now how many languages that are spoken today in the whole world? Are you curious enough the languages not only in the present but also in the past that are spoken by the civilizations? 


As all we know, language is the most important communication tool that are available in our lives and it is possible to say that without using the language people cant understand each other and as a result they can communicate because of these reasons we understand how the languages are important in people’s lives. From the beginning of the history people have been in the demand of the communication and after some time to the creativeness of the humanity they start to communicate with some sounds and as a result of the development of these sound the languages that are spoken today in the whole world is emerged and in the history lots of different languages disappeared because of the fact that the disappearance of the different civilizations and in the future it is possible to say that the languages that are spoken today by the millions of the people will be disappeared because of the changing of the time and the civilizations in the whole world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the language of the French and the countries that speak the language of French as their official language.


That Countries that Speak French Officially


In the whole world today there are lots of different languages and millions of people are speaking these languages and when we look at the languages that are spoken mostly in the world we can see the language of English at first line and after the English there are lots of other languages. On this point it is possible to see that the French is also one of the languages that are spoken mostly, in the whole world today there are 29 countries that speak French as their official language and almost all of these countries are the countries that are exploited by the France and as a result of the exploitation the countries are exposed to the language of French and as a result of the process their official language turns the French. Most of these 29 countries are in the continent of the Africa and as we said before they are the exploited countries and the other countries that speak French are the countries that the French population is dominated and they can be the French base. These countries are lined in here:
Democratic Republic of the Congo





 Ivory Coast

 Burkina Faso













 Central African Republic

 Republic of the Congo



 Equatorial Guinea







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