How Many Different Types of Camel that are living in the whole world now?

What do you think about the different kinds of the animals that are living all around the whole world? Do you know any specific animal that has any specific features? What do you think about the extinction of the animals from the history by the effects of the people? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the different kinds of the camels and the some features of the camels that are living in the world. When we look at the places that the caves are living in a common way, we can see that the places that are very hot and those animals are very durable to the water and because of this reason the people are using them in very common way in hot climates. The Camels are from the family of Camelidae. The camels are used as transportation and milk animal and in some countries of the world, people are eating the meat of the people and in some religions such as Islam, people can sacrifice the animals such as Camels and because of that reason people are using them as sacrifice. There are lots of different special features of the camels. For example; in their bodies there is a specific part of the Camel and they can keep the proteins and the fat in their bodies and by this way it is possible for them to live lots of the days without water and because of this reason the Camels are being preferred by the people especially who are living in the deserts.


When we look at the specific information that is done currently by the experts, we can see that a Camel can live 9 days without drinking water in 50 Centigrade degree. In this duration, it loses the %22 weight of its body. Another reason is that why the Camels are so durable is that, they have a mechanism and in a day this mechanism can increase the hot of the body up to the 41 C and because of it they are very durable to the hot weather. The camels are very useful animals and when we look at the behave of themselves we can see that they are generally compatible animals to the environment and the other animals but in some times that can be changing on that situation, sometimes they can be angry and they can even bite the other animals and the owners of them.


When we look at the number of the different types of the Camels we can see that there are 5 different Camels and their names: Bactrian Camels, Hybrid Camels, F2 Hybrid Camels, Snow-white Dromedaries and Black Camels. Like all the animals in the history some of the types of the Camels are extinct because of the people and we can say that some of the types of them are under the danger of extinction and because of this reason people have to be very careful.


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