How many countries are there in the world that is producing the Hazelnut?

Do you have any information about the different food products in the world? Are you interested in the different kinds of the food that you are consuming everyday? Do you know about the roots of the food that you are consuming everyday in your breakfast our in your lunch? As all we know there are millions of the different kinds of the food that are available in the whole world today and it is possible to say that millions of the other kinds have been in the danger of the extinction and because of this reason people have to be very careful about the nature and the earth that they live. Otherwise there can be very dangerous results of this situation if the necessary precautions are not taken.


At this point there are lots of different kinds of the food that are under the danger of the extinction, at this point nut is one of the most important and one of the most popular kind of the food and as all we know today in the whole world people are consuming it too much extend and in the different industries of the food people are using the nut and at that point the need for the nut on the whole world are very high and the countries that are producing the nuts have very important roles at that point. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the using fields and the countries that are producing the nuts and their importance in the whole world market.


The Number of the Different countries that are produces the Hazelnuts?


When we look at the whole world we can see that there are only a few different countries are there that are producing and the exporting of the nuts to the other different countries. At this point it is possible to see that the rate of the %80 of this product is produced by the country of Turkey. When we look at the country of Turkey the nuts are produced in the black sea region and from that country the nuts are going to the other countries especially the European countries. European countries are buying these high quality nuts and at the end of the long process those nuts are used by the manufacturers and are used in the other different products such as chocolate and other food products and it is possible to say that the most highly produced food that are helped by the nuts is the chocolate and the majority of the people in the different regions of the world like the chocolate and they are consuming it too much extend. There are 5 different countries that produce the hazelnuts in the world today and they are Turkey, Italy, and the United States of the America, Azerbaijan and the Georgia but as we said before the high quality hazelnuts are from the Turkey.


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