How many common allergenic foods are there?

Allergy is immune system’s hypersensitivity disorder. When immune system started to react extremely to a product, body shows some signs. Allergy makers are called as Allergens and they mostly creates inflammatory situations. Most of the allergies create uncomfortable situations but some of them can be dangerous or vital. Allergy show symptoms like red eyes, eczema and asthma attacks. Some allergies like medicine allergy or dietary allergy may cause life threatening situations. Sometimes insect or bee biting may cause allergy. These bites may cause several reactions. There are lots of treatments to allergies today but staying away from allergens is the most important thing. Especially food allergy may be very dangerous. How many common allergenic foods are there?

Today food allergy is the biggest part of allergies in the world and there are 8 main foods causing allergy all over the world. They are shellfish, fish, tree nuts, wheat, soy, eggs, milk and peanuts. Some allergies start on early childhood and stops in adult ages. Also adults may develop some new allergies. Today allergy is a big problem especially in developed countries and USA started to label products with allergy warning. But labeling process is still not enough because lots of products like shampoo use these products and they are not still labeling.

Cow’s Milk is the biggest allergy producer in America. It hits especially American children. Every 1 of 3 children in America have cow milk allergy. But it’s not so effective for adults. Especially children under six have allergy to dairy products. It may be dangerous for children because immune system response to milk proteins for digestion but can’t do it and creates a total alarm on body. It’s common belief that lactose-free milks don’t have allergen effect but they have same effect with standard milk. Some products like hair care and skin cares and some craft paints may contain also allergenic milk.
Peanuts may also be allergenic to children and adults. It’s possible to see that peanut allergy is rising in USA children because of some new products using in peanut process. Peanut allergy is mostly life long and it’s very rare to see losing effect in adult ages. Peanut butter is most allergy making product in USA for peanut allergy category. Also some skin products and birdseed may cause peanut allergy.

Shellfish allergy is the main allergy type for adults in USA. %2 of American adults have shellfish allergy but rate on children is only %0.1. This type of allergy mostly starts in adult ages. When a man with this allergy enters a kitchen that boiling shellfish, he will start to show symptoms immediately. Oysters, shrimp and clams may be strong allergenic for this people.
%1.5 of all USA children have egg allergy. Especially hen’s eggs are allergenic and under 6 years old children are effecting from problem. Rate is not high in adults. Beside egg and egg products, some immunization ways include egg proteins and it’s important to ask about allergies before using them. Some children may be allergenic only to white or yolk of egg.
Wheat allergy is also high for children in USA. But %80 of them outgrows this allergy by age 6. If it’s not possible to outgrow it, allergy may be life-time threat. Lots of things include wheat and it’s very hard to separate them so a man with life-time wheat allergy must be very careful and order. Also some products include same allergenic proteins in wheat. Wheat allergy is rarely life threating but there are lots of researches that it’s causing obesity in adults.

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