How many classic Buick cars series are there?

Buick is one of the luxury brands of General Motors. GM is selling Buick to only limited countries like United States, Canada, China and Taiwan. It’s one of the oldest companies in America survived till today. First company opened with Buick name was “Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company” in 1899. It then became “Buick Motor Company” in 1903. David Dunbar Buick was the owner of Buick company. In the first years of 1900, Buick only developed some prototype models. The 1904 Model B became the first model Buick sold. How many classic Buick cars series are there?

Buick brand firstly became popular with Writer-traveler Lowell Thomas’ travel to Afghanistan with one of Buicks. He praised performance and durability of car.
In 1928, Buick released its first worldwide popular series “Bathtub Buick.” Model took its name from profiles used inside it. Car opened a new way for car industry with its mohair interiors, “crown fenders” and pastel colors. Not it’s very hard to find this series and it worth millions for collectors.
In 1929, Buick celebrated its 25th anniversary and producers of company decided to build an anniversary model. Model’s name was “the Master Six.” Company made the ads with slogan “the greatest automobile value in the world’s history.” There were some developments in head engine like larger valves but most important development of car was “new side cowl ventilators.” It was a big problem for cars to keep the interior cool and this new development made it true. Also style developments like double bladed windshield wipers, new panel and new color options made the series unforgettable ones. Model is today in some museums and there’s no sell.

Company made a big sale rate with “the Master Six” but some problems in company lasted since 1937. In 1937, Buick released a new catalogue and new models took interest on catalogue. Slogan was “It’s Buick Again!” There were new four models of Buick which are called the Limited, the Special, the Roadmaster and the Century. Especially the Limited model became a classic. It was a good combination of Cadillac and Buick with six passenger interior, four door convertible in chrome design, moon shaped hubcaps carrying Buick logo-name and side mounted tires. Especially the Limited model is what collectors are searching today.
In 1938, Buick made happy its fans who like Buick’s durability and performance. Buick added The “Dynaflash” engine to its new car. It was offering 141 and 107 horsepower which is publicized as “There’s a Cyclone in Each Cylinder.” It’s a model that is still using by some hobbyists and collectors still. It’s also a model that is easier to find because Buick didn’t made big visual change for this car so only professional collectors search for.

With 1939, Buick changed its route and started to build luxury equipment with its cars. They were very expensive and in a short period, they became sign of luxury in USA. One of the most important equipment Buick made was “Sunshine Turret Top.” It was a special sunroof only possible for limited models. Buick also sold limited Buick editions with special features like fold down seats for extra passenger capacity, extra baggage compartment and auxiliary seats. There are nine known Limited models of this period and these cars are selling for million in USA.
1942 was the year Buick released its legendary toothy grille. It changed the style fashion of car industry again. Also Buick developed new stylish fender skirts and antenna on the windshield.
Buick is still selling car and their main market is China now.

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