How many cigarettes are poison?

Some of the poisons found in cigarettes:
Polonium – 210 (a carcinogen),
Radon (radiation);
Methanol (rocket fuel),
Toluene (diluent)
Cadmium (battery-metal),
Butane (LPG),
DDT (insecticide),
Hydrogen cyanide (gas chamber poison),
Acetone (nail)
Naphthalene (mothballs),
Hydrogen cyanide (gas chamber poison),
Arsenic (rat poison),
Ammonia (toilet cleaner),
Carbon (exhaust gas monoxide),
toxic substances, and 3885

Dangers of smoking:

Dangers of smoking are known by everyone present, according to statistics from ‘non-‘ the World Health Organization is a global problem, but one of about the number of adults smoke 3. 1.2 billion people smoke, this statistic arises. According to the World Health Organization is considered in many countries, lung cancer caused by smoking and this disease is only one fatal consequences.


First of all, smoking is the biggest lack of weight loss of 10-15% and sees an unborn baby with mental retardation.

* Carbon monoxide found in tobacco, nicotine, tar, mainly harmful substances such as lung cancer, respiratory diseases, which cause diseases such as bronchitis and emphysema.You closer to cancer each cigarette smoked. The natural defense system of the lung is impaired in smokers and pruning increases the risk of infection.

* No oxygen in the blood of carbon monoxide in cigarettes are stored cholesteroletmesiyle vessels and therefore increases the risk of heart attack.

* The esophagus and stomach ulcers, bleeding and the occurrence of cancer increases.An increased risk of pancreatic cancer. Bladder cancer in men who smoke more than smokers are taken.

* Non-smokers are in the hands and fingers yellow discoloration and breakage of nails.

Smoking is very dangerous!

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