How many books of Isaac Asimov are there?

Isaac Asimov or Isaak Yudovich Ozimov with his full name is a famous Russian writer. He was also a biochemistry professor. He started to write with popular biochemistry essays in newspapers. Then he wrote lots of science fiction and popular science books. Arthur C. Clarke, Robert A. Heinlein and Asimov are called as “Big Three” of science fiction. His most popular work is “Foundation Series”. He also wrote science fiction books for juvenile with the Paul French nickname. He worked for American Humanist Association as president. How many books of Isaac Asimov are there?

Isaac Asimov wrote totally 500 books. When he died in 1992, all his books were published. One of the most popular book series written by Isaac Asimov is I, Robot series. Series include 9 short science fiction stories. Main topic of series is interaction between robots and human in 21th century. Book inserted some popular culture topics like “The Three Laws of Robotics”. Asimov added some humor quotes to series and it was the first time a so popular science fiction writer wrote humor in popular series. Film adapted to TV for several times, adapted to cinema two times as Bicentennial Man in 1999 and I, Robot in 2004.
Other popular book series of Isaac Asimov is “Foundation series”. There are 7 books in this series. Asimov published Foundation series firstly in Astounding Magazine since 1950. Series firstly released as trilogy but then Asimov added some later sequels for series. Series earned millions of fans and various books and essay has been written about topic. Also a big fictional time schedule is possible for series. Publishers didn’t accept to publish some short stories and books as later sequels of series. If they were published, it would be 14 books and various short stories.

Nemesis is released on 1989. It was the last life period of Isaac Asimov. Some characters of the book were coming from other books of Asimov. Book is accepted as one of the best books about “interstellar travel”. Some ideas about solar system and planet’s satellites in book accepted as futuristic thoughts but only six years later, some discoveries validated these ideas. Asimov noted that story is not involving some predicts about earth’s future but readers wrote lots of blogs about book’s plot and earth’s future similarity.

Isaac Asimov wrote his popular juvenile science-fiction series “Lucky Starr series” with the nickname “Paul French”. Book inspired lots of popular culture icons in time. One of the most popular inspirations is “Force-Blade”. This weapon inspired Star War series’ “Lightsaber” weapon. First novel is released on 1952 with “David Starr, Space Ranger” name. Then 5 more books were released in series since 1958. After 2000s, publication of books is made as “The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr”. Main idea of Asimov while writing these books was giving the scientific knowledge to American children in the Cold War era.
Isaac Asimov also wrote “The Norby Chronicles” series with his wife Janet Asimov. Isaac Asimov then explained that Janet Asimov wrote the book and his name is written to cover because of commercial success. There are 11 books in this juvenile science fiction series. Norby and the Terrified Taxi is the last book of series and Janet Asimov wrote it after his husband’s death in 1992.

Today Isaac Asimov’s more books are not adapting to movies because of some copyright issues. But there are over 20 short and long movies adapted to TV and Cinema. Some short stories of Isaac Asimov also adapted as TV series like Probe, Out of the Unknown and Captain Video and His Video Rangers.

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