How Many Christians Are There In The World?

How Many Christians Are There In The World?


Christianity is one of the most common religions in the world. This religion is spread to all continents where people are living. Like most of the religions, there are many misunderstandings in this religion as well. It will be worth to note that some fanatics promote the religions in a poor manner and most people who do not know these religions perceive that religion with those fanatics. We see much sad news about the religions on the news. All of the religions want their followers to respect other religions but things are perceived different today. In this article, we are going to provide you the population of Christians in the world. But before that, we would like to talk about Christianity briefly.


Christians also believe in a single god. For them, God is the only one who created the world and people. The God is also three in amount. They perceive three as one. In case you will multiply three ones then the result will be one again. The god has three adjectives. A glass of water also has three states. These are liquid, solid and steam, however, all of them are the same with the water. At this point, they perceive their God like this. The Father, The Son, and Holy Spirit Jesus. This was like that in the old times but today, the only one that we witness is Holy Spirit Jesus. We believe in Holy Spirit Jesus as the God.


The God changed his look after Torah and turned himself into Jesus. The Father God turned to Son God. Then Jesus born and this means that there is no God then Jesus now. When Jesus lifted to the sky, he sits next to the Father. Then Father God united with Jesus. He became a single God. Now the name of the God is Jesus. Thus, Christians still believe in single God like most of the other religions with the holy book.


According to them, every kid is born with sin. Jesus lost his life as a compensation for these sins. The God killed his own sun in the crucifix in order to forgive the sins of the mankind. He could not find any other solution and as a result, he sacrificed his own son. He did it because of his mercy. In their holy book, it is written that if the God would not have mercy, he would let everyone to pay his own debt. He sacrificed his lovely son because he has mercy and loves the world a lot.


According to this religion, the God has a plan and this should happen. Because everything can be cleaned with blood and no mercy will be given without blood is written in their holy book. You can also read the bible for more information about the God and his son Jesus. Now let’s talk about the answer to our question. The total amount of the Christians living in the world is about 2.4 billion. As you can guess the United States is the country which has more Christians.

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