How many symptoms of Celiac disease are there?

Celiac disease is one of the most common diseases especially in USA. It’s mainly causing by gluten protein which can be found in barley, wheat and rye. When a person with celiac disease eats gluten protein, his digestion system cannot absorb it and gluten starts to damage small intestine. Celiac disease has lots of symptoms and affects like malnutrition, infertility and cancer. Today every 1 of 100 USA citizens have this problem but only a few of them realize disease and goes to doctor for diagnose. Average diagnoses time for Celiac disease is 4 years. How many symptoms of Celiac disease are there?

It’s possible to say that Celiac disease shows some different symptoms on women, men and children. Women who have Celiac disease are more than men with Celiac disease. One of its reason is common early diagnose habit of women. Beside this, women rarely show main symptoms of Celiac disease like gastrointestinal problems.
Women Celiac disease patients go to doctor mostly for menstrual cycle disorders and infertility problems. It’s possible to see that menstrual cycle disorders are the first symptoms of most Celiac patient women. But it’s also possible to see that women have more awareness than men because when a family member diagnosed with Celiac disease, most of women goes to doctor but men rarely goes for this reason.
A last research showed that most of the women diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” have Celiac disease. Also pregnant celiac patient women face problems like gestational hypertension, placental abruption and anemia. Also thyroid disorders and osteoporosis may be symptoms of Celiac disease.

Main Celiac symptom for men is diarrhea. It’s also possible to see fatigue and weight loss. Celiac disease is harder to diagnose on men because it shows classical intention problem symptoms and most of the doctors don’t suspect from Celiac disease. Also men with celiac disease rarely search for diagnose and treatment.
Men who diagnosed with Celiac is the half of women. Main symptoms of Celiac disease send men to doctor are reflux and low weight. Also men may show some digestive and skin problems. Doctor may see liver abnormalities in diagnose. Also men have a large number of autoimmune conditions than women and symptoms of two problems are nearly same. It’s possible to see that most of the celiac disease patient men go to doctor with infertility problem. Today also most of the men show “silent celiac disease” symptoms.
Celiac disease symptoms in children are also similar to man symptoms and most of them are classical digestion problems.
Fatigue and diarrhea are main symptoms but a few of children goes to doctor for these symptoms. Constipation is also a common symptom. Most of the children go to doctor after pain and abdominal bloating. It’s possible to see that most of the children with celiac disease have a family history on this disease. Parents think that symptoms are result of malnutrition. Child’s age is very important on symptoms because it affects the growth period and child falls back on the growing steps.

Today it’s also a big problem that patients need an experienced doctor to diagnose if it’s gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.
Main treatment way is “Gluten-free diet.” It’s mostly life-long. It’s not possible today any medication that prevents harm of gluten. Diet’s very hard to treat the problem but it can stop most of the symptoms. Diet lasts very long to only stop symptoms and people with disease must be aware of problem and results. Blood tests are the main way to diagnose disease and early diagnose may be life saving.

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