How many causes of pneumonia are there?

Pneumonia is an illness of lungs causing by virus or inflammatory. It’s mostly seen in older people and children. It mostly starts with flu symptoms and develop symptoms like high fever and cough. Also green mucus starts to come from lungs. Chest pain starts and worsen when patient takes deep breath. Also muscle pain and diarrhea like symptoms are possible through the illness. Diagnose of pneumonia is possible by physical exam or discussion about symptoms. A doctor can easily diagnose pneumonia with coarse breathing and rumblings coming from a stethoscope on chest. How many causes of pneumonia are there?

Main causes of Pneumonia are viruses or infections. Also parasites and fungi can be reason of it. There are over 100 strains of infectious agents causing pneumonia but only a few of them are common. Also there are mixed infections which are causing by virus and bacteria attack.
Bacteria is one of the most common reasons for pneumonia and it’s called as “Bacterial pneumonia” Main symptoms of bacterial pneumonia are very similar to fever like rigors, cough and chest pain. There are three types of bacterial pneumonia as Gram-positive, Gram-negative and Atypical. Bacteria mostly enters the lung with inhaling and starts the invasion of cells. Immune system sends white blood cells for kill attacking microorganisms. It triggers immune system and creates fever and cough. Antibiotics is the main treatment way of bacterial pneumonia.

Viruses can also cause pneumonia and this is called as “Viral Pneumonia” This type of pneumonia is the most common pneumonia type for children. Main symptoms of vital pneumonia are fever, cough and systemic symptoms. There are many viruses like Influenza virus A and B, Human parainfluenza viruses and severe acute respiratory syndrome virus causes the Viral Pneumonia. Viruses went to lung starts to kill the cells and invades the lungs. There are many treatment ways today for Viral Pneumonia. Every year 200 million people are affecting from Viral Pneumonia and 100 million of them are children.
Fungal pneumonia is the type of pneumonia causing by fungis. It’s not common in the world. It can be caused by an opportunistic or endemic type of fungi. Mortality rate of Fungal pneumonia is very high when it’s infected the lungs. Main way of Fungal pneumonia is inhaling the sports of them. Main diagnose way of Fungal pneumonia is taking sample from patient’s respiratory fluid. Main treatment way of Fungal pneumonia is antifungal drugs.
Parasitic pneumonia is one of the common problems for people who has weakened immune systems. It’s rarely serious for people with strong immune systems but it can be dangerous for weakened immune systems. Parasites causing pneumonia can enter the body by skin or swallowing. Parasites causes cell destruction and blocks the way of inhaling.
There’s also idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. There are seven types of it as Desquamative interstitial pneumonia, Nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, Usual interstitial pneumonia, Organizing pneumonia, Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia and Lymphoid interstitial pneumonia. Most common type is Usual interstitial pneumonia.
Illness is affecting over 450 million people every year and it’s the cause of 4 million deaths. Today antibiotic therapy and other treatment ways decreased the number of pneumonia affections but number is still very high. In developed countries, numbers are decreasing but in developing countries, it’s still one of the main reasons for death. Main problem on pneumonia affection is its symptom’s similarity to other respiratory tract illnesses. Most of the patients are coming to doctor very late. Also pneumonia is very common in patients affected by AIDS or other deadly illnesses and have weakened immune systems totally.

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