How many cars are produced in 2011?

Car need of world is increasing every year. It’s some dangerous because of traffic accidents and growing population. But cars are the main vehicles of modern society and modern world. How many cars are produced in 2011?

Every year International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers is calculating the total car production numbers all over the world and releasing a report. Automotive sector is an important part of global economy and numbers of this sector indicates the effect of crisis and rises.

In 2011, over 51 million cars were produced. It was 39 million in 1999. In 11 years, car production numbers are increased by 12 million per year.

Japan is the biggest car producer in the world and it produced over 9.700.000 cars in 2011. Japan has also produced 1.700.000 commercial vehicles so total number is 11.400.000 for a year.

Germany is the second with 5.400.000 cars. Also country produced 420.000 commercial vehicles so Germany produced 5.820.000 vehicles totally.

China is on the third step of biggest car producers in 2011. China produced 5.200.000 cars and 2 million commercial vehicles. So country’s total production is over 7 million.

USA also produced over 4.000.000 cars. Also country produced 7 million commercial vehicles and total number of USA is 11 million. Also India, Turkey, Brazil and South Korea are the big car producers.

Today over 600.000.000 cars are on the way. 240 million of them are registered in America. 136 million of them were passenger cars.

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