How Many different Companies that Are Manufacturing Locomotives in the Country of The United States of America?

Do you like the travelling? Do you have any information about the means of the transportation that are done by the people currently? Do you know the historical development of the transportation means? As all we know, especially after the period the industrial revolution there are lots of dramatic changes in the whole world in almost all of the fields and it is undoubtly that the greatest development and the innovations in the field of the technology. With the using of the power of the steam people invent the train and then after the invention of the train people start to produce the other different kinds of the transportation means.


When we look at the world today, people are using the different kinds of the transportation means on their travel and on the other hand in the field of the industry people are carrying their loads and they are doing the transportation of the goods that they have to send to the other places of the country or the world. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the development and the production of the locomotives that are used in the whole world today and we will give some concrete information about the number of the different locomotive manufacturers that are done by the country of the United States of America.


The Number of The Different Locomotive Manufacturers in the United States of America


When we look at the whole world today, there are only a few countries that is very developed in the field of the technology and at this point the country of The United States of America is one of those countries. When we look at the production that they are producing we can count lots of the different goods from the cars to the small household tools and with the related to our subject today, they are also good at the producing the train locomotives and in the different countries of the world the locomotives that are produced by the United States of America are used currently. In The United States of America there are 13 different locomotive producers and their names are like that:

Brookville Equipment Corporation

GE Transportation

Electro-Motive Diesel




Harsco Corporation

National Railway Equipment Company

Progress Rail Services Corporation

RELCO Locomotives

Motive Power & Equipment Solutions, Inc.

NS Juniata Locomotive Shop (Thorobred Mechanical Services)



As all we know the part of the locomotive is the most important tool of the train because it gets from the power from the locomotive and when we look at the history of the locomotives it is a product of the England and in the year of the 1850 it is first produced and from that time to now people have been using the locomotives in the different fields of the industries. It seems that in the future the using of them will be widespread.


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