How Many Players are there in American Football?

The History of American Football

When we look at the different regions of the world there are lots of different types of sports and in accordance with the people’s demands for that sports the popularity of the sports can be change from the region to region. american-football

. For instance; in Europe maybe soccer is the most popular sport but on the other hand when we think about United States of America soccer is not so popular but on the other hand American Football and baseball are much more popular because the people who are living in the United States of America like these sports much more than soccer. In America when we think from general point lots of people are playing and watching the American Football now let’s look at the close view to the sport of American Football. That sport is born in the America and people are playing this game with their hands and foots and then this is an ecliptic sport. In the countries of United States of America and Canada it is called only football but on the other hand the people who are from the different regions of the world call it as American Football. When we look at the beginning of the American football  we see that a teacher who is teaching in a primary school want to play Rugby with their students but in order to protect the students from the hard strikes the teacher design some protectors for the students’ body, he design helmets and armors for the bodies of the students and after some time this new sport is started to play in high schools and with the high popularity of the sport the people who are in the university start to play the sport and then at the end of the process a league is founded and its name is NFL. Like all of the sports, in American Football there are some rules now let’s look at the rules of American Football briefly.



The Number of players that are in the American football

In American Football a team is divided into three parts and each of that parts have some jobs. The total players on American Football are 45 but in the pitch there are 11 players. The match is started with the toss and then players start the match with kick-off and another rule is a match lasts for 60 minutes and this 60 minutes is divided into four parts as a 15 minutes. An American Football pitch is in the length of 110 meters and when we look at the width of it is 49,354654 meters. Each team can use break for three times in an half and after two quarter there is a break for 15 minutes. When we look at the American Foot Ball we see that its shape is a bit different. It is not completely round however it is flat a bit and it is called as football or pigskin.


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