How Many Cans of Coca Cola Are Sold in a Day?

What is your favorite drink? What do you think about the development of the food industry especially in last hundred years? What about the next hundred years about the development of the food industry? As all we know, especially in last hundred years there are lots of new innovations that are available in all fields in the whole world and more specifically in the industry of the food there are lots of new products. Those products are popular all around the world and each day millions of people are consuming those products. At that point, fizzy drinks are one of the most consumed products all around the whole world and it can be easily said that each day the drinking of the fizzy drinks is no longer inevitable because people are accustomed to consuming of them and they are buying millions of the dollars for those drinks. Those drinks can be not only with alcohol and on the other hand there are lots of different drinks that are without alcohol.


In the world the most preferred drinks are the fizzy drinks after the water. At that point, in the market, there are lots of different brands and they are very popular from the long years. When we look at the most popular fizzy drinks that are available in the world market, we can see that Coca Cola is the most consumed and the most popular of them. Today we are going to make a short analysis about the brand of Coca Cola and we will give some specific statistics about the brand of Coca Cola. Let’s look at the history of it.


The History of Coca Cola

As all we know the most popular fizzy drink in the whole world is Coca Cola and in accordance with the last statistics that are done by the experts each day 1,7 million cans of Coca Cola are consumed all around the whole world. When we look at the statistic of it, it is easy to see that how the brand is consumed too much and how the sold of the brand is so much. In history, first the Coca Cola is invented as a stomach medicine and after some time because of the nice taste of it people start to send to the world market and when we look at the current situation in the whole world, it is easy to see that how popular is the Coca Cola now. Each day, when people are eating their food and when they are in their free times especially when watching a movie or playing a video game, people are consuming it as an entertainment and they like it too much extend. In the whole world, there are lots of different brands that are producing Cola but when we look at the history, any of the brands are not successful like the company of Coca Cola and it seems that in the future this situation will not be changed.


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