How many calories in a Banana?

Banana is a fruit all people like. Banana grows in many different tropical areas of the world. They need 10 to 15 months for growing. Temperatures must be 80 to 100 Fahrenheit especially in growing era. Today there are lots of diets that use banana effective. But also there are some controversies about banana’s calorie. How many calories in a Banana?

There are lots of different banana types and it’s very hard to categorize them. But people are categorizing them mostly in their size.

Extra small banana is some hard to find in the markets. It’s up to six inches on the length. An extra small banana contains 65 to 75 calories in one.

Small banana is a special type. It’s possible to find it in big markets. Its length is six to seven inch. A small banana contains 80 to 90 calories in one.

Medium banana is standard. It’s easy to find it. But also there are different kinds of banana coming from different tropical areas. A easy to find medium banana contains 105-115 calories in one.

Large banana is eight to nine inches per piece. People usually use it for banana cakes. It contains over 120 calories in one. It’s hard to find but extra-large banana is also possible. A large banana contains over 135 calories in one.

Eating 20 standard medium sized bananas is equal to one man’s daily calorie need. So two or three bananas in a diet is not over.

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