How many popular ways are there to cook potato?

Potato is one of the most popular foods and they are very easy to bring meal. First potato seeds started to be grown in the Americas. Then it exported to all world especially Europe. Researches showed that Indians were cultivating potato 10,000 years ago. Today China is the biggest potato producer in the world and there are over 4.000 types of potatoes over the world. Some potato types contain toxic ingredient like glycoalkaloids. Glycoalkaloids mainly hits nervous system and mostly causes confusion. Cooking potato is very easy and delicious. Also it’s high in protein. How many popular ways are there to cook potato?

French Fries is the most popular potato meal in the world. They are very saturating and delicious. Oil type used in potato frying is the most important point effecting taste of French Fries. Some restaurants in United States use peanut oil and customers say their potatoes are more delicious than others. French Fries is also the best topping comes with beer. French Fries is accused as one of the biggest items causing obesity and big fast food restaurants are trying to lower the carb and calorie values of potato without spoiling taste.
Stuffed Baked Potatoes is originally coming from Asian culture but today it’s possible to find them on all countries. Restaurants mostly use special potatoes for stuffed baked potatoes meal but it’s also possible to use standard potatoes. Key point in taste is the butter quality. After potato is ready for filling inside, it’s possible to add ingredients from olives to carrot pieces. Also paprika, Monterey Jack cheese and shredded Cheddar are very popular ingredients. Stuffed Baked Potatoes are very saturating and delicious. Recipe needs 425° oven at least to cook potatoes for Stuffed Baked Potatoes style.

Mashed Potatoes are also a popular topping used all over the world. Americans like mashed potatoes and they always argue about kind of potato that gives the best taste of mashes potatoes. American mostly prefers Russets potatoes but traditional cookers mostly prefer Yukon Gold potatoes. Milk must be daily to take the best taste from mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are not saturating as first meal but they are a good topping. Mashed potatoes are also using in some pastry works.
Potato wedges became popular with some fast-food restaurants opened this type of potato as an option. They are delicious but very high calorized. Traditional recipes use salt but some health restaurant today use sea salt while preparing Potato wedges. Key point on potato wedges’ taste is fluid creamy ingredient inside. Bars serve potato wedges with bear traditionally. Potato Wedges need hot oven and over 30 minutes cooking for best style.

Potato Curry is what Asians and mostly Indians like. Americans prefer curry sauce on turkey or chick with potato. It’s also possible to use various spices with curry. Key point on the taste is using local items as possible. Indians use garbanzo beans in their Potato Curry recipes. Some traditional recipes in India need to pour Potato Wedges in coconut milk for 10 minutes.
Potato recipes and taste vary on all cultures because potato changes its taste with soil it growth. Americans use potato nearly on all meals. Potato is also an important product for vegetarians. Today it’s possible to see various recipes with potato in vegetarian cuisine. Vada pav is one of them and after cooked in India for hundreds years, today it’s possible to find it in all vegetarian restaurants. Also there are popular potato recipes in the world like Fish and Chips, The Tattie scone, Bryndzové halušky and Hachis Parmentier.

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