How many calories are there in popular beer brands?

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Today there are many brands in the world selling beer related products and also there are many local brewing stores. It’s one of the most consumed beverages after water and tea. According to historians, beer is firstly produced in Mesopotamian and there are first written signs of beer in Code of Hammurabi. According to researches, there was a beer goddess of Mesopotamian known as Ninkasi. Today beer is related to obesity problem in the world and many people believe that drinking beer causes pooch out. How many calories are there in popular beer brands?

Beer with most calories in the USA is Sierra Nevada Bigfoot now. It’s producing by Sierra Nevada brewery. It’s producing from bittersweet malt and Pacific Northwest hops. It’s firstly released in 1983 and became a cult-classic beer in the USA. It’s strong and taste is very similar to wine. It can age like a high quality wine in cellars. Alcohol content of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is 9.6% by volume. Gourmets are pairing it with Pungent Blue Cheese and Mission Figs.
Flying Dog’s beers are also popular with their high calories. Flying Dog Horn Dog, Flying Dog Wild Dog and Flying Dog Dog Schwarz are popular with their over 300 calories. Especially Flying Dog Horn Dog is very popular in the south of USA.

Steel Reserve brewery is also producing beer products with over 300 calories. Especially Steel Reserve Triple Export is very popular in USA and its calorie level is 222 while alcohol level is 8.1%.
Discussions on beer and obesity are still going on in many organizations and countries. According to clinical researches, sugar and some hops in the beer is directly related to obesity but many beer companies are not accepting these researches.
Also many scientists believe that it’s possible to produce the beer without calories but it has to wait in distillation and some additional substances must be added to it. There are many works about noncalorie beer in the world.
One of the earlier products with %0 calorie in the beer segment is started to be sold in Tescos with Equator 0.00% name. It’s including 0.00% alcohol and 0% sugar and 0% calories. Equator 0.00% is new on the shelves but it is successful on sale numbers and it will be sold in many new markets and groceries in near future.
Many organizations today also discussing limiting idea of the calorie level of beer. It’s true that many companies are producing beer with their own special recipes and it’s hard to change the traditional recipe or making little shifts on it but according to organizations, it’s possible to make changes in generic beers. But many brewery companies declining the idea because of high production cost of changing recipes.
Also surveys showed that Americans are really enjoying the taste of their favorite beer and they are against the change on calorie level or any other ingredients of their favorite beer.
Today light beers with fewer than 100 calories are also on the market. Some of them are Budweiser Select 55, Miller Genuine Draft “64”, Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol and O’Doul’s. Market share of light beer is still low even it’s released first in 20 years ago and this table is discouraging many companies from releasing low calorie beer types. Also some big companies decreased the production number of light beers and some of the totally stopped production.
There are also some scientists believe that beer types like gluten-free or artificial sweetened can be a solution.

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