How many ways to beat problematic PMS period?

PMS or Premenstrual syndrome with its full name is a general name of symptoms women show before menstrual cycle. Breast tenderness and bloating are the normal symptoms of PMS but sometimes PMS periods may be painful and split up from social life. Every women show different symptoms on PMS period but also each woman shows similar symptoms on all PMS periods and they can take measures for them. Main women group living problem on PMS period is workers. Especially social workers’ complaints about PMS period are rising every day. There are some medical and exercise based ways today for beating highly problematic PMS period. Sometimes PMS problems may lead to premenstrual dysphonic disorder. How many ways to beat problematic PMS period?

First of all, today doctors are trying to find the factor rising the pain and discomfort on the PMS period. Known reasons are high caffeine intake, stress, increasing age, depression history, family history and some dietary problems like vitamin problems.
After finding the causes, doctors are working to find effects of it on PMS period. Some emotional symptoms don’t have directly connection to PMS symptoms and if there are high levels of irritability, unhappiness and tension, reason may be not only PMS or some products like caffeine may raise the level.
Patients must be very patient in the treatment of problematic PMS. First of all don’t forget than some pain and depression is normal on this period. Treatment is about high problematic situations. It’s not possible to know PMS’s definite reason for now. Some scientists believed that PMS is causing by rising sex hormone but then research showed that they are normal in the PMS period. Today PMS is mostly connecting to serotonin and glutamate. Rising glutamate levels are causing fast mood changes. Also there are some researches that PMS is causing by social and cultural because especially social beliefs are triggering fast mood changes and pain expectations on this period.

Main treatment way for problematic PMS period is supportive therapy. It has lots of categories like reassurance, evaluation, informational counseling and more. Some moves in classic aerobic exercises are very helpful for beating PMS effects. Also problematic PMS patients must reduce the level of caffeine in their life. Also sugar and sodium are triggering PMS symptoms. Sleeping is very important but it’s raising the pain level if patient try to use sleeping for not feeling pain.
Calcium supplementation is using by lots of doctors today. 1200 mg/d calcium is very useful for some types of PMS period women. Vitamin E is also showing some effects but not on all types of patients. Also there are effectiveness researches on Vitamin B6, tryptophan and magnesium.

Antidepressants are also using for highly problematic PMS days but doctors offer only using them on painful days because therapy is more powerful and successful than antidepressants in PMS period.
Hormonal and Progesterone support is using for years. But it’s a controversial topic that their side effects are higher than treatment. While some patients show development on treatment, some patients live problems.
Also there are some traditional ways to beat problematic PMS period. Some teas, fruits and more are taught as treatment of problem. Evening primrose oil is offering by some doctors because it has Omega-6 EFA GLA and has good effects on pain but still don’t have scientifically approved effect.

Also some message techniques are effective on pain. Especially some Japan messages are known for PMS period for hundreds of years. Also there are some areas in Asia that people believe not to touch woman on PMS period because of hurting ovulation period.

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