How many important points are there while making sugar-free diet?

Sugar Free diet became popular after many Hollywood stars announced that they are giving weight with it. Also a demonstration in Ellen Show made it worldwide popular. But it’s true that most of the people misunderstood the concept of sugar free diet and they started to gain weight because of breaking the balance of body with wrong nutrition. It’s a definite truth that lowering the sugar level in what you eat is very health but only stopping to eat candies is not enough to lose weight with sugar-free diet. How many important points are there while making sugar-free diet?

First of all, sugar-free diet has the diet word in it but it’s hard to say that sugar-free diet is a complete weight loser one. It’s mainly a way of leaving healthier. So without changing life style, it’s still very hard to lose weight. But even you can’t lose weight on sugar-free diet, it will help your body to refresh itself.
Main fault people make on sugar-free diet is drinking fruit juices. According to researches, most of the fruit juices have more sugar than fruit itself. So in a perfect sugar-free diet, sugary sodas, pre-packaged tea and coffee with extra sugar must be avoided. Also alcohol is including high levels of sugar, so you have to cut also alcohol during the diet. In contrast to other diets like Dukan which completely prohibits fruit, it’s free to eat some fruit in sugar-free diet. It has no problem if you eat fruit without breaking its limit, also eating fruit is healthier than drinking its juice because fruit itself has vitamins, fibre and other nutriets which are not possible in juice mostly.

Sugar-free diet is not offering a big list of what you eat or what you can’t it. Diet offers you to read labels carefully. Because it’s a common trick that producers cut from fat and write it to product labels with shiny fonts but they recover the taste of cut fat with sugar. It’s not very hides to sugar in products’ labels but calorie level may reveal them. It means that fat-free is not enough to make a product healthy alone. Companies are trying to show sugar in many different ways in product labels so you must search and learn them especially for your daily meals.
It’s very rare to see “sugar” term in labels directly but it’s possible to find galactose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose and more which mean there’s a sugar type in product. Also some sugary sweeteners are not allowed in sugar free diet like honey sweetener, rice syrup and corn syrup. It’s a big war between health organization and food producers so sugar will always come with the new names on labels.
Sugar-free diet doesn’t mean to cut carbohydrates completely. Quite the contrary, sugar-free diet offers complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates like legumes, beans and whole grains don’t have structures like pure sugar so they give power in a long period. So according to sugar-free diet, you must prefer brown rice, whole-wheat pasta or whole grains for white rice, sugary processed cereals or pasta.
Artificial sweeteners are the biggest supporter of sugar-free diet. But it’s true that no definite scientific finding is possible about their harm or benefit. Nearly all diets are offering artificial sweeteners but they are limiting it strictly. In sugar free diet it’s not possible to see any limitations directly but using too much artificial sweeteners may harm your diet and body. It’s a common knowledge that too much artificial sweeteners slowdowns losing weight for all.

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