How many signs that your cat is pregnant?

The domestic cat or Felis silvestris catus with its scientific name is one of the most popular animals in the world. According to researches, they are evolved in 8000 BCE. Kittens are born averagely in 65 days. It can be 63 days to 69 days. Some cat species like Siamese can carry their kittens up to 71 days. When a cat is born before 60 days, it’s mostly immature. It’s very important to follow pregnancy of domestic cats because they are very sensitive in this period and a problem can be fatal both for mother and kitten. How many signs that your cat is pregnant?

First known sign of cat pregnancy is heat cycles. When they are pregnant, cats start to face 10 day heat cycles. Heat suddenly stops. They mostly feel ill and look desperate. They can meow like moaning and can stay away from people.
First known physical sign of cat pregnancy is “pinking” Nipples of pregnant cats turn to a rosier color. Also they swell. Touching them can be dangerous because they are very sensitive and give pain to cats. They can attack when someone touched to their nipples. Sometimes nipples go complete red and it can be dangerous and sign of a occlusion. Owner of cat can try massaging to solve the problem but if problem persists, cat must see a veterinarian.
It’s true that pregnant cat has two lives in it and will eat more and more. A careful owner can easily understand that cat started to eat more than usual. Also they will be hungry for more in a day so owners must increase the meal periods. Sometimes loss of appetite also can be seen and it can be dangerous. Loss of appetite for pregnant cats is mostly sign of kitten’s death in stomach or a big problem in fetuses.

Vomiting for cats is normal and they like to vomit. But when a cat is pregnant, it starts “morning sickness” like human. Vomiting is a good sign of pregnancy on cats but if it continues for a long time, it’s maybe a sign of problem. Cat may face gestational problems or similar. If the problem persists, veterinarian intervention is needed.
Beside physical signs, there are some changes in the character of cats when they are pregnant. Most known sign of pregnant cats is increased affection. They will need more and more attention and they will start to meow like moaning when care is not enough.
Also pregnant cats start to search for a nest. Owners start to see pregnant cats less and less. They search for a less crowded and silent place. They mostly sleep there and rarely go close to people. They also start to eat more regular and they go hungry in nearly every hour.
It’s very hard to detect pregnancy before 17th day for cats by tools. So taking the cat to veterinarian before it is useless. Veterinarian can easily understand it by palpating or use x-ray. Owners must follow the pregnancy day by day and today there are many guides for owner in internet.
If the veterinarian is not available in area, “The Witness Pregnancy Detection Kit” can be used. It controls a hormone related to pregnancy in dogs and also it’s valid for cats. But it’s some hard to evaluate it if owner is not professional about this test and it can be dangerous for cat.
Ultrasound is the perfect way to detect cat pregnancy. There are some cautions that veterinarian and owner must obey when they used x-ray for detecting pregnancy on cats.

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