How many Budweiser beer types are there?

Budweiser is found in 1876 and today it’s one of the most popular beer brands especially in United States. Budweiser ingredients are mainly rice, barley malt and hops. Packaged and draught forms of Budweiser are producing in the breweries of company. Company made only little changes on bottle since first production shape. Budweiser is not a strong taste beer and Americans like this light taste of beer for daily drink. Advertisement of beer is high on United States and some states have vegan beer advertisements for Budweiser. How many Budweiser beer types are there?

Budweiser is the main product of brand. It’s a 5% ABV pale lager. Budweiser classic is one of the most selling products in United States today. Americans like to drink Budweiser with daily meals and social events.
Bud Light is released in 1982. After developments and problems about lifestyle and obesity raised in 80s, Budweiser was one of the most argued beer brand with its high calorie ingredients. So company released this new product. It includes 4.2% ABV. 355 mL Bud Light is containing 110 calories.
Bud Light saw high interest but especially youth found the taste of Bud Light some bitter than other light beers. Also 4.2% ABV was lower than standard. Company released Bud Light Platinum after controversies. Bud Light Platinum is sweeter than Bud Light. It has also 6% ABV. A bottle of Bud Light Platinum is 137 calories. It’s lesser than Bud.
Budweiser Select is the leading advertisement item of Anheuser-Busch Company after 2000s. Company hired Jay-Z as the spokesman of Budweiser Select. Slogan of product is “The Real Deal”. Budweiser Select is containing 4.3% ABV. Also 12 US fl oz serving including 99 calories and it’s one of the lowest in its category.

Budweiser Select 55 is a 55 calories version of Budweiser Select. Company released this product soon after Miller’s MGD 64 is released. Company presented beer as “lightest beer in the world”. Budweiser’s Select 55 and Miller’s MGD 64 have same level of energy but Miller’s MGD 64 has 2.8% alcohol while Budweiser’s Select 55 has close to 3.2% alcohol.
Bud Ice is released on 1994. Commercial name of product was “”Ice by Budweiser”. Its alcohol level is 5.5% ABV. Company released product with an unforgettable advertising campaign. In advertisement, a malevolent penguin was stealing Bud Ice drinkers’ beers. Bud Ice was a product released on the wind of Ice Beer products but they couldn’t gain high popularity. Also beer fans don’t like the taste mostly. Company also released Bud Ice Light with 115 calories and 5.0% ABV but it’s discontinued in 2010.
Budweiser Brew Masters’ Private Reserve is a special product of Bud Company. It’s an all-malt lager. Product became popular with its strong taste. Also honey color style of Budweiser Brew Masters’ Private Reserve is underlined in advertisement campaigns. Company released product on the Budweiser brew master holiday tradition.

Bud Dry is one of the oldest products in Budweiser category. Company released product in 1989. Company released “Why ask why? Try Bud Dry” slogan for product. Company made advertisement since Bud Ice in 1994 and then canalize its advertisement budget to Bud Ice. Product discontinued in 2010.
Bud Extra is one of the most popular products in company’s shelf today. It includes caffeine, guarana, ginseng and alcohol. Company released product as the rival of Sparks and categorized it in the “caffeinated malt beverage” shelf. Beer created some controversies because of markets selling Bud Extra to people under 21 while its including guarana and caffeine.
Company also has popular products like Budweiser American Ale, Bud Light Golden Wheat and Budweiser 66.

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