How many bones a human skeleton are there?

Humanity rises over the bones. There are 206 bones in a standard human. But it’s maybe some more or less as individual gene structure. Some people have different cervical ribs, some of them have extra lumbar vertebra bones. It’s also possible to see different variations of Sesamoid bones.

All bones are important but some of them are very exciting by their shape. Cranial bones as the other name of skull bones are 8 pieces. They are frontal bone, parietal bone, temporal bone, occipital bone, sphenoid bone and ethmoid bone.

Facial bones are 14 pieces. They have different shapes than standard bones. Inferior nasal concha and mandible are well known bones of face.

Middle ear bones are for balance of people. Malleus is hammer shaped, incus is anvil shaped and stapes is muscle shaped. Stapes is also lightest bone in the human body.

There’s a hyoid bone in the throat. It has a shape of horseshoe. Muscles and other systems use it to articulate. It’s also possible to see it in animals.

Shoulder bones are scapula and clavicle. Scapula is connecting other bones and creating balance over them. Clavicle is only long bone that stands horizontally.

There are also thorax bones, vertebral column bones, arm bones, sesamoid bones in the hands, metacarpus bones, pelvis bones, thighs bones and legs bones.

Bones are not easy to damage. But in a hard hit, it’s possible to break a bone. Especially arm and leg bones are more to break. But in an accident you may see broken femur, hand bones and thorax bones commonly. They can repair themselves in little time.

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