How many main signs of pregnancy are there?

It’s a common situation that women ask to their friends, family members for pregnancy signs or worry about signs but can’t ask to anyone about it. It’s now internet age and it’s possible to find all early and late signs easier than ever. While some signs are very common and easy to notice, some are very rare and hard to understand. Also there are some signs like late or abnormal period which are not a perfect sign of pregnancy. How many main signs of pregnancy are there?

There are 25 possible signs of pregnancy. Most exact sign is “feeling pregnant.” Women have high influence on events or signs. There are lots of hormones running on early pregnancy levels and these hormones also effect some feelings. It’s very frequent that a woman can understand the littlest changes in her body and understand the pregnancy. According to researches, %75 of women who feel pregnancy is pregnant.
Vomiting and nausea are common signs of pregnancy. Especially vomiting in morning without any cause may be sign of pregnancy. Women feel better after vomiting but they also feel very hungry. There are also lots of woman never feel any nausea as a sign.

Fast changes on libido level also can be a sign of pregnancy. It’s common that women want sex and they give up after seconds. Also they don’t like to talk about sex. They may be also not appetence during sex because their breasts become sensitive especially in early level of pregnancy. Also a low level orgasm may be sign of pregnancy.
Frequent urination is what most of women notice before all classic signs. It starts in the first week of pregnancy and last on third trimester. Need of pee is causing by extra blood and urination baby needs. Changes on stomach make pressure on bladder and always give a feel of pee.
Braxton Hicks contraction is also a sign of early pregnancy period. These hicks are firstly diagnosed in 1700s. It’s not possible to say that all pregnant women hicks but it’s frequent in second pregnancy mostly. Hicks start not painful but gets painful and make effect on breathing quality. It’s common belief that first hicks are the first signs of pregnancy.
Fatigue is what pregnant women may feel and notice easily. It can be high or low. They mostly need a nap even it’s not a habit of them. Especially they start to feel fatigue and sleep at work.
Abdomen may start to enlarge even in first days of pregnancy. It’s not very common but sometimes women may notice the change on size of abdomen. Body starts to prepare itself to baby’s development. Sometimes it can be painful for a few days but pain will stop after that.

Most of the women say that they can hear their heartbeats and feel some stenocardia symptoms. It’s true that heart starts to pump more blood than standard but a healthy woman’s heart is capable to pump so more blood without any problem. Most of doctors believe that hearing heartbeats come from worry women face because of pregnancy probability.
Cravings are normal on pregnancy but some strange cravings may hit women on the early pregnancy period. According to researches, when some hormones started to run firstly in blood, they also create allergenic reactions. Women tell the various craving stories so while some of them are allergenic to apple, some may be allergenic to cheese.
There are also various rare signs of early pregnancy. It’s not possible to take them into definite signs class because they mostly happen only once or in a indefinite time.

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