How Many Balls are used in Snooker?

A close look to Billiards.

Billiard is a type of sport and especially in last years it is one of the most popular sports in the world. And in the continent of Europe it is the most five popular sports. The tools in order to play billiards are a billiard table, balls, a billiard cue and a piece of chalk. There are two basic rules in Billiard one of them is to set the exact angle and the other is people must set the speed of the shot when they are playing billiards. 



. For the pocket billiards we have two types of games. One of them is American billiards as we know it 8 ball billiard and the other type of it is snooker and these types of billiards are the most popular billiards we can say. On the other hand there is a type of billiard and in this type of billiard there is no pocket and by shooting the edges of the table and by shooting the balls to each other the players gets the points. There are lots of rules in these types of billiards for players in order to get the points. When we look at the types of billiards there are 8 types of billiards and these are American billiard (pool), Snooker, 8 Ball billiards, 14-1, 3 balls and 3 tape billiards and now we are going to close look to the snooker.



A view to the type of Snooker.

Snooker is a type of billiards and especially in the Britain it is very popular type of game. The goal of the play is to shoot the balls and put the balls insert the holes but doing this there are some rules, players can’t do this in accordance with only their wishes. There is an order when the balls are going to the holes if the players can’t fit this order they are losing the points. At the end of the game the winner is determined in accordance with the frames that are determined before the game. If a player reach that frame first he or she will get the points. Let’s look at the balls in the snooker. In the snooker there are 22 balls that are used. On this list there are the colors of the balls and the points of them according to the colors of them.

22 (including the cueball)

15 Red (1 point/ea)

1 Yellow (2 points)

1 Green (3 points)

1 Brown (4 points)

1 Blue (5 points)

1 Pink (6 points)

1 Black (7 points)

Along the whole world there are championships of the snooker. From the year of 1990 each year world snooker championships are done. When we look at the winners of the world’s championship from the year of 1990 up to now we see that Stephen Hendry who is very popular and successful snooker player gets 7 world championships in the tournament of the world and other successful players are Ronnie O’Sullivan and Ken Doherty.


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