How Many Awards Take the Movie of Death Poet’s Society?

 When we look at the whole world, there are lots of different movies that converted from a literary work and Death Poet’s Society is one of the most important and one of the most popular work in this field. We see that the movie takes totally 17 different awards because of its quality. Now we are going to make a short analysis about the movie.


A Short View to the Movie of Death Poet’s Society and The Number of the Awards that The Movie Take

 As all we know Death Poet’s Society is one of the most important major literary works in the history of English Literature and the novel is red by millions of people from the different regions of the world from the history. The movie is about events which occur in an academy. The academy’s name is WeltonAcademy and the academy is an institute in order to prepare students for the best universities and the academy admits only boys. Welton academy is very conservative school and it requires just studying for the university from its students. The main character is Mr. Keating who is a teacher. He is using poetry and teaching his students challenge the difficulties around them. Mr. Keating teaches poetry and the students find themselves with a passionate and rebellious teacher in a very conservative school.When Mr. Keating was going to this academy there was a society whose name was “Death poet’s society and It was a secret club and students meet in a cave and read their poems and talks about them.


Some of the students are inspired by the Mr. Keating and decide to recreate “Death poet’s society”. With the help of Mr. Keating the students improve themselves and start to think about life from a different point. “Carpe Diem” is the most important motive in this movie. When we think of the movie, we should do whatever we want in our life in order to be happy because, If we don’t do it, maybe we will not have time for doing what we want. From that point, when we think of philosophy of “Carpe Diem”, in our lives we must do that. In movie there is a person whose grades are very high and he wants to attend extra activities, but his father objects to his son. By thinking like his teacher and with the help of his teacher Mr. Keating, the son continues opposing his father. When we think of this, again, we can see that we should do whatever we want in order to be happy, and at the end of the movie Neil kills himself because of his father’s opposition to him. Finally, we can conclude from the movie that we should do whatever we want in life, otherwise we cant be happy. In my opinion every time in our life, we should consider the philosophy of “Carpe Diem” and we shouldn’t postpone our dreams.



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