How many different calendar systems are used in the world?

From the beginning of the world, people have been setting the time in accordance with the different systems. Sometimes these systems are from the nature and sometimes people are setting them in accordance with their minds and if the majority of the people are accepting these systems they are starting to use them. When we look at the general of them the systems that people use in order to set the time and year is called calendar. calendar2

More specifically Calendar is the system that people are dividing the years, months and days. And in this system years, months and days are putting in an order and it can be easily said that the most important feature and importance of the calendars are these orders. When we think about our modern era people are setting all of their plans in accordance with the calendars and with the help of the calendars it is more easy to make things regularly and on the other hand on preparing the plans for the future calendars have very important role. In the calendars the systems are set in accordance with the different natural things and these natural things are sun, moon and some other astronomic events. Scientists are setting the situation of the calendar in accordance with these astronomical events. Most communities in the history prepare their own calendars in accordance with their needs. For example; the communities that are living by the agriculture set their calendars according to the events in the agriculture, for example they have months such as rice, wheat and cereal and when we think about the communities in the world’s history we can see lots of examples like this. In the world history there are lots of different types of calendars and now we are going to short analyze of these calendars.



The Number of the Calendars that are used in the world


When we look at the number of the calendars that are used in the world, in according to the researches that are done by the experts there are 33 different types of calendars and there are other 3 system of calendars, we can count them like this way:


System of Calendars

1) LuniSolar Calendars

2) Lunar Calendars

3) Solar Calendars

List of Calendars

1) Anno Domini Christian Era

2) Aztec Calendar

3) Babylonian Calendar

4) Bahai Calendar

5) Bengali Calendar

6) Bikram Samvat Calendar

7) Buddha Nirvana Calendar

8) Buddhist Calendar

9) Calendar of saints

10) Chinese Calendar

11) Christian Calendar

12) Coligny Calendar

13) Discordian Calendar

14) Eastern Orthodox liturgical Calendar

15) Ethiopian Calendar

16) French Republican Calendar

17) Gregorian Calendar

18) Hebrew Calendar

19) Hindu Calendar

20) Iranian Calendar

21) Islamic Calendar

22) Julian Calendar

23) Kaliyuga Calendar (Gregorian year 2000 AD corresponds with Kaliyuga Year 5101)

24) Kolla Varsham Calendar

25) Korean Calendar

26) Maya Calendar

27) Nanak Shahi Calendar

28) Pawukon Calendar of Bali

29) Runic Calendar

30) Saka Era (also known as Shalivahana Era)

31) Tibetan Calendar

32) Vikrama Calendar

33) Zoroastrian Calendar


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