How Many Asian People Are There In the World?

How Many Asian People Are There In the World?


In this article, we are going to provide you detailed information about the approximate amount of Asian people living in the world. But before we provide this information let us share some interesting and weird facts about the Asian people, culture, and cities. For instance, did you know that more than 1600 earthquakes occur in Asian countries? Most of them take place in Japan. In fact, almost all of them takes place in Japan because they have to experience around 1500 earthquakes on a yearly basis. Most of the Asian countries have sheared. This is why the amount of the islands that belong to Asian countries is more than 12,000. People live in most of these islands.

Asian people can live longer than most of the other people. In fact, their race has the longest average lifetime. For instance, it is possible to find more than fifty thousand people in Japan who are older than 100 years old. This is a great achievement since American and European countries barely exceed 100 people. In addition to these, Asian people like pets a lot. The amount of the pets in Asian countries are more than the amount of the children. However, it will be worth to note that sadly some Asian countries such as China consume pet meat as well.


Here is another interesting fact. Did you know that most of the Asian countries banned to dance after midnight? We could not find enough information about the reason for this ban. But we believe that they implement this rule in order to protect the peace in the community. As you know most of the Asian people are very hardworking people who usually get up early to start the day. World’s oldest company is originated in one of the Asian countries. The name of this company is Kongo Gumi and it served between 578 and 2006. They served for 1428 years without any interruption and it was located in Japan. For those who wonder, they were operating in the construction industry.


There were some Japanese people who managed to save their lives from the accident of Titanic. However, they were declared as cowards because they did not lose their lives together with the other passengers. It seems like being an Asian is a challenging stuff. People did not show any respect to these people in Japan.


More than ninety percent of the mobile phones in Asian countries are waterproof. They keep using their mobile phones while they are in the shower. Now let’s answer the question of our article. As you know China is the most crowded country in the world with 7,3 billion citizens. Although a certain information is not possible to obtain, experts believe that the amount of total Asian people in the world (including other continents as well) can easily exceed 2 billion. However, it is not possible to determine a certain number due to the immigrants as well as citizens in other countries. Also, it is anticipated that Asian people will make up the seventy percent of the world population in hundred years.

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