How Many Airports are there in the world?

The history of flying

In history people always want to reach new places and want to see and discover new places. On this point they are always in searching alternative ways. First of all we can say that people invented tire first primitive tool maybe it is the base of our modern day transportation means. After some time they invented cars on this point they can reach wherever they want in an easily way. People are so curious that they are always wanted to discover and find new things. For example; they want to fly. Top-5-International-Airport-Travel-Tips

Maybe at first it is very crazy idea and it can be said that it is impossible thing but with the help of people’s mind and with the rapid developing of the technology today it is possible and every day lots of people from the different regions of the world by using planes are travelling wherever and whenever they want. It can be said that maybe flying is the most popular means of travelling among the world. In the centuries of 9 and 11 a man whose name is Armen Firman makes a flying with parachute and we can base the roots of the flying industry in this event and then this industry has been developed too much extend. The first modern era of flying industry is started by brothers whose name is Montgolfier Brothers. They let fly a hot air balloon and they start to develop the flying in the whole world and then flying with hot air balloon becomes very popular event and through the whole century people are always travelling with hot air balloons. The using fields of balloons are very limited because of the fact that their moving with the help of the wind. In spite of the fact that in the years of 1800 there are lots of balloons that are run by commander this way is not working but after some time a man whose name is Alberto-Santos-Dumont who is from Brazil succeed in the running of the hot air balloon hot they are head to. When we look at the first flying by plane, it is done by Wright brothers in the year of 17 December 1903 and from that year the planes along the world have been developing too much extend and in future this will be developed again.airport

The number of Airports in the world.

With the rapid development of plane industry in our modern day almost everybody are using planes in their travelling and as a result of this lots of airports is built along the whole world, there are cities that have even three airports. Now let’s look at the numbers of the airports in the world. There are 45.000 airports through the whole world and this number will be increased in each year. In the world the biggest airport is Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and every year millions of people are using this airport.


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