How many 3D TV’s are sold more than millions?

Today,3D technology is dominating the market and 3D televisions are started to enter all homes. Main technology used in the 3D technology is conveying the depth perception of human eyes with different methods. Today 3D TV’s are using mostly 1920x1080p resolution and there are also new models which support 3840×2160 resolution. There are different names for these features like Full SBS and Half SBS. There are also some cheap 3D TV models with 720p resolution but according to experts, it’s very hard to take good performance on these models for 3D. After big companies entered the 3D TV world market, prices started to get down and more people started to buy products. How many 3D TV’s are sold more than millions?

Panasonic TC-P55VT50 is one of the dominant models in the 3D TV market and product is also very successful on tests and reviews. It’s using active 3D technology which needs active 3d glasses. It’s true that 3D TV’s which are using active system are expensive than 3D ones using passive system. But according to tests, it passive 3d glasses and passive 3d TVs will never give the performance of active ones. Technology and product quality used the in lenses of glasses are also very important. Panasonic TC-P55VT50 uses active 3D technology which is popular for detecting eye movement and adjusting the screen according to it. Besides 3D, Panasonic TC-P55VT50 is a good product for 2D. Especially features like auto zoom of 4:3 to 16:9 is an excellent one. Main disadvantage of product is that 55’’ is some bigger for standard houses and TV is coming only one piece of glasses. But accessories and not heavy glasses are main advantages of 3D TV.

LG 55LM7600 is other big player on the 3D TV market. It’s true that LG 55LM7600 is using passive 3D technology with some special features but according to reviews, most of the people firstly saw 3D in the cinema’s passive 3D world and they like this technique more than active ones. LG has some unique developments on 3D technology which offers a quality similar to cinema. TV also has a conversion feature which is making possible to view 2D movies as 3D. But it’s true that 3D movies need some effects for more realistic 3D performance and conversion is not offering so powerful 3D imagination. But it’s still a strange experience to watch classical movies in 3D. LG 55LM7600 is coming with 6 pieces of glasses and price is lower than rivals. Main disadvantage of TV is its remote control. It’s easy to use for standard use but not answering the need of advanced users.
Sony was some late to enter 3D TV market but new product Sony XBR-HX950 with infinite constant ratio is enough the take the share. It was a common belief before Sony’s product that watching 3D on day light is not possible because of shining effect but Sony used anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass which is making possible to get perfect 3D experience in every moment of day. Also using internet in Sony XBR-HX950 is easier than others and Sony has more dedicated support for this model. It’s true that 55’’ is some bigger for standard homes and also Sony is not offering any glass with TV. Buying 3D Sony glasses are more expensive than buying other 3D glasses.
Samsung is one of the first players in the 3D TV market and they released UN55ES8000F for the top class. It’s true that most of the 3D TVs in the market has some little tricks for price challenge but Samsung hasn’t. Main disadvantage of Samsung UN55ES8000F is it’s hard to use internet features.

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