How many years did Stan Van Gundy coached Orlando Magic?

Stan Van Gundy is one of the most popular NBA coaches of league. He’s in NBA for 8 years and he saw a NBA final on 8 years. He’s also brother of former Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy. After a coaching history in college, he transferred to NBA. He started his career on University of Vermont. He started his NBA career as Pat Riley’s assistant coach. After some chaotic years, he became head coach of Orlando Magic. How many years did Stan Van Gundy coached Orlando Magic?


After years with Pat Riley, Van Gundy chose as Miami Heat’s head coach. In his first year, he took the team from 25 win to 42 win. It was Dwyane Wade’s rookie season and Van Gundy supported him. In next season Van Gundy made a great impact on team and they finished the league with 59 wins. He was successful on league but he had a legendary rival Pat Riley that resigned from team with a bad record. There was lots of rumors that Pat Riley is forcing Gundy for resignation and at last he resigned while his rate is 112-73.

Van Gundy’s Orlando Magic career started in 2007. He again boosted the team and Orlando Magic finished the league with 52 wins. In 2008-09 season, Magic made a 59 win season and went to NBA finals but lost to Los Angeles Lakers. In 21 May 2012, Orlando Magic relieved him from head coach position. So he worked as Orlando Magic head coach for 5 seasons.

He is a successful but always controversial coach in his career.

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