How many ways to teach anger management to children?

Violence and war is everywhere in the world. They are in street, school, home, country and world. It’s not possible to stay without influencing from this violent world. Especially violence is calling children into it. Today all parents afraid to hear bad news when they send their children to school. Also violence environment in the world created tolerance and acceptance for little fights of children. Lots of people think that children are not on the right way and they will be more aggressive every day in this life. Numbers are also approving people because most of the children are going to jail after a fight before 18. How many ways to teach anger management to children?

Most important things about child anger are finding reasons of anger and strategies to beat it. It’s common fault that parents can increase the level of child anger. Children may get into conflict but it’s frequently temporary. Trying to find results of every children conflict is not necessary and it works only for living the discussion in the life. So parents must try to find reasons but they must be careful when searching it.
If your child is labeled as aggressive and getting problem of anger, try to teach her some calming strategies. First of all, teach her how to notice the rising anger. Anger cannot increase in a moment and has some signs like shaking hands and more. You can teach her to take a deep breath, drink a glass of water, leave the event area and play alone for some hours. They will work even in smallest children.

You can teach your children the questioning. She can ask herself questions about anger moment like “what I am doing now, what will this event end.” This will help her to questioning her anger and behavior. Children’s anger is only goes for a little period and then they forget it. Questioning in this period will get her out of anger.
You can trigger her empathy ability. Children start to develop empathy ability when they are 3 but they rarely use it. Try to tell her stories about other people’s point of view. She will easily integrate into this world. Empathy starts with the “Why” question. Before getting angry to someone, find the reason why she or he did it. You can organize it like a game and child will easily involve into this game. Every night you can ask a story about point of view of your child.

If your child and a friend of her are under conflict, try to talk with her parents first. You can find a way to keep your children out of violence together. Get them together with her friends when parents are near them. They will not encourage fighting and they will try to stay away from other. Let them hug and kiss each other. Every kiss is a start of good friendships.
Giving children drugs for their anger is not a successful solution. Anger on children are normal because they are learning to share and being jealous. But if they pass the line of anger to aggressive, you can go to doctor with them. But firstly try to encourage your child to go anger management therapies. Most of the children who see anger management therapies return to line of child anger.
Also Twitter or Facebook is not the true way of developing social abilities and social media is not offering a good life or good job to anyone. So try to limit Twitter to send them out for socializing.

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