How many ways are there to be a millionaire?

Money is not everything in the world but it’s definite that money talks and opens every door today. Being rich is a very subjective notion because a Hindu fakir need only one dollar for living a perfect day with good meal, shower and good sleep in its standards but an American needs at least 100 dollars for perfect day. Today there are thousands of books, materials and more for the topic “how to be a millionaire” but it’s possible to see that main titles are same in every material. How many ways are there to be a millionaire?

Way of being a millionaire goes from a combination on perfect usage of mind, actions and decisions. Also being healthy and creating a life philosophy are very important.
First of all, you must believe at heart that you will be a millionaire in the end of your way. This is what you need on all steps. Don’t follow the ideas like being wealth is something bad and evil, anyone who is rich steal something in his life or very lucky. Don’t forget that today’s capitalist world is offering to be a millionaire to everyone if he goes the right way. In every step of your way, believe at heart that you deserved this step.

Another important step is creating a perfect motive. Don’t forget that your way is hard and it’s very easy to give up. But only real believers can walk this way to end. Find the best motive about your goal about what you will do when you become rich. Will you spend your money for charity or sleeping all day in a holiday resort? Find the best answer and believe it. Don’t forget that all millionaires don’t have to buy a mansion or buy precious things more than he can wear.
Being healthy is also very important on the way of being a millionaire. Don’t forget that nothing is precious than health and millions worth nothing if you don’t have health. So don’t go overwork continuously for more money.
Being tenacious is also a must. Failure is normal as success in human life and you must never forget this. A failure may open a new way to be a millionaire like Steve Jobs of Apple made a mistake and fired from his job but this situation opened him a new way of being millionaire. Don’t forget that people will wait your failure for saying “”I told you so”. Think about it but never stop when someone said that.

A way of being a millionaire is very stressful and sleepless nights may wait you in the way. Never lose your sense of humor on even a worst situation. Don’t forget that when your way will finish is not definite but the life is going fast. Create a good balance on being serious and funny.
Read popular books about your way. Most popular writer on this topic is Thomas J Stanley. His two books “Stop Acting Rich… and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire” and “The Millionaire Next Door” are masterpieces of him. Also Alexander Green’s “The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio” is a very popular book.
Most of millionaires are living a very limited and cost-effective life because spending more and more money is very easy but saving it is very hard. Create a balance on spending money professionally. Also spend money for you and your family’s happiness. Happiness means more money every time.
Forget about classic tactics on being a millionaire like “write an article now about how to be a millionaire, think like a millionaire and more”. Try to find your own and unique way with believing it at heart and being ready for hard days.

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