How many symptoms of Melanoma cancer are there?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It’s known as the most aggressive skin cancer type. Over 65.000 people are diagnosing with melanoma cancer and nearly 8.000 of them are dying from this cancer every year in USA. It’s one of the most fatal skin cancer types so %75 of all skin cancer deaths cause by melanoma. It’s mostly seen on adolescents and young people. Melanoma skin cancer is rising every year and in last 30 years, it’s increased %270. How many symptoms of Melanoma cancer are there?

Cause of skin cancers may be different cells. Melanoma cancer’s main cause is melanocytes cells and they located in epidermis’ basal layer. It’s mainly brown-black skin pigment called melanin that body uses while determining color of skin and hair. Melanin also helps to save skin from sun rays.
Melanocytes start to increase while people are getting older. Some signs of melanocytes start on the skin surface as dark and small spots. If cell production in this area is controlled, it’s a non-cancerous situation but if cells grow uncontrolled it may cause cancerous and it’s mostly life-threatening.
There’s a ABCDE rule for Melanoma cancer symptoms. It starts with A of asymmetry. When a mole grows in skin, it may be different in two parts. While one part is deep and big other part may be in flat.

Second step in symptoms is B of border irregularity. In the melanoma symptoms, mole’s edges start to be irregular with shapes like blurred, ragged or notched. It’s easy to notice in some moles but some moles may need doctor control to diagnose border irregularity. It’s not possible to diagnose cancer with only this symptom but it’s an important one.
Third step on symptoms is C of Color. Color problems on mole are an important symptom. When color problems start, it’s possible to notice that mole’s color turns to black and brown. Sometimes it gets on shades of tan color. Sometimes red and blue dash visuals may appear. Sometimes shades of a color may appear from one edge to other edge of mole. It’s an important symptom on the early diagnosis of melanoma cancer and people mostly ask doctor about this situation.
Fourth symptom of melanoma cancer is D of Diameter. Sometimes mole grows over 6 mm and it’s an emergency situation for melanoma cancer but also any grow in moles must be in control and if mole grows regularly it must be asked to doctor.
Fifth symptom of melanoma is E for evolution. With evolution, a regular change starts in size, itching, shape and sometimes bleeding. Also some regular changes start in mole.

Sometimes a flat mole of years may start to develop. It’s a frequent symptom of melanoma cancer. Also mole may start to surround the skin quickly. After that, mole starts to burn and when touch it break into small pieces.
There are also some late symptoms of melanoma cancer. Skin starts to break and moles start to leave some deep scars.
Also there are some not on skin symptoms of melanoma cancer. They firstly start with unexplained and quick weight loss. Sometimes when patients go to doctor, it’s not possible to find any diagnose to this problem because it’s very high to find the cause as melanoma in weight loss.
Also some unexplained headaches and seizures starts. It’s very important to show skin problems if possible to doctor when go for headaches. Sometimes also a tone change may occur in skin and some people look very pale. It’s very rare but sometimes cough may be a symptom of melanoma.

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