How Many Versions of the video Game of Need for Speed?

A close look to the video game

With the rapid developments on the field of personal computers and technology in last years the video game industry is also developed itself too much extend and as a result of this the companies produce lots of video games and some of these video games become a legend from the history. Because of the high demand in that video games the game companies decide to put on the market the other versions of that video games and again with the developing of the technology with each passing day the video game industry is also developing and the new games that are put on the market by that companies are much better than the old ones and because of this people are always buying these new video games.



There are millions of people maybe who are playing video games every day and it can be said that some of those people are addicted to not only to the computers but also to the video games, especially children and young people whose ages are between 15-25 are playing those video games too much extend. When we look at the history of the video game industry it can be said that there are lots of video games that become a legend, on this point it can be said that Need for Speed is one of the most popular video games in the history of video game industry. Now let’s look at the close view to the video game of Need For Speed.



The Versions of the video game of Need for Speed

Need for Speed is a video game in the field of car race and it is developed by different companies such as EA Black box that is from Canada and Criterion Games that is from England and then at the end EA sports puton the market the video game. At the beginning the series of Need for Speed is developed by a Canada company that is today known as EA Canada and its name is Distinctive Software in that years. When we look at the series of the video game of Need for Speed there are 18 different games of it. The first game of the series is put on the market on the year of 1994 and the company start to develop to the game.  When we look at the names of the video games are we see that list. The Need for Speed (1994),  Need for Speed II (1997), Hot Pursuit (1998), High Stakes (1999), Porsche Unleashed (2000), Hot Pursuit 2 (2002), Underground (2003), Underground 2 (2004), Most Wanted (2005), Carbon (2006), ProStreet (2007),  Undercover (2008), Shift (2009),Hot Pursuit (2010),Shift 2 (2011), The Run (2011), Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 (2012),Rivals (2013). From all over the world there are millions of people who are buying the games of the series of Need for Speed and for the new games they are looking forward to.


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