How many boyfriends of Kate Upton are there?

Kate Upton or Katherine “Kate” Upton with her full name is one of the most popular models of last years. She firstly appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011 and became popular soon. Many magazines named her as Rookie of the Year. After worked for Elite Model Management till 2008, she moved to New York City and signed to IMG Models. After modeled for Damien Haumpy Garage, her chance doors are all opened and Esquire choose her as “The Woman of the Summer” A video that shows her making dougie in a Los Angeles Clippers match made Kate Upton worldwide popular. Today, every man in the world wants to be with her. How many boyfriends of Kate Upton are there?

After became popular, she’s firstly rumored with Sean Faris who is popular with his role in The King of Fighters. Magazines wrote them for several times together but they couldn’t manage to shot a photo. According to sources close to Sean Faris, he and Kate Upton only dated for one day but they never liked each other but according to sources close to Kate Upton, they dated for months and they decided to get engaged but then gave up this idea because of career problems of each other.

Kate Upton and Kanye West are dating news were surprising but true. Kate Upton never spoke about this news and she then rejected the claims. Kanye West never spoke about rumors. According to magazines, they started dating on Victoria’s Secret VIP Swim event. Many people claimed that they saw Kate Upton and Kanye West while they are kissing each other in a balcony in the French city Cannes. Victoria’s Secret angel denied it but said she wants it one day get to be true. After many magazines insisted on same news, she wrote to her Twitter ‘Hey I said I wasnt in Cannes come on that girl doesn’t even look like me… I’m not with kanye, I’m not dating kanye.’” Then magazines revealed some photos while Kanye West is kissing a girl in a balcony but many people believe that the girl on the photos is not Kate Upton.
Mark Sanchez was the first not hiding boyfriend of Kate Upton. New York Jets’ quarterback was so popular in 2011 that any girl could say no to him. Kate Upton joined Ellen Degeneres show and Ellen asked her about rumors and Mark Sanchez. She answered the question as “Mark Sanchez is cute” also in an answer on a question about meeting she said “’I met him. My sister works for the Jets. She’s been working there for four years so I went to all the games.” Magazines couldn’t catch them in a dating because Mark Sanchez is always calling Kate Upton her to his flat and giving her flowers and gifts. Weeklyworldnews claimed that they engaged in 2011. A close source to Sanchez claimed that ”He asked her to marry him and she said yes” In the first days of 2012, magazines wrote that they broke up. After news about break up, Kate Upton wrote a confusing Twitter message. It was “Its okay Notre Dame this happened to the Jets every week.” Firstly no one understood the message but then some sportsmen wrote that it’s a subtext to Mark Sanchez’s popular trick in the last game.
After Mark Sanchez, magazines wrote Kate Upton with Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander. Many sources said that families of them confirmed this relationship. Kate Upton still denies the relationship but many sources say they are serious on this relationship and they will engage.

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