How many UEFA champions league has Football Club of Barcelona won?

The History of UEFA Champions League

In the world there are lots of competitions of football and one of the most important in these tournaments are world cup and on the other hand UEFA Champions League is again is very important and popular tournament in the world. In spite of the fact that the tournament is done in the continent of the Europe, the whole world are following the competition closely.FC-Barcelona-Logo-Wallpaper-fc-barcelona-22614314-1280-1024


UEFA Champions League is an organization that is done prepared by UEFA and it has been organized from the year of 1955 and each year this organization is done. Between the years of 1955 and 1992 its name is European Champion Clubs tournament but after that time its name is changed as UEFA Champions League. It isthe greatest and most popular tournament in Europe and the teams from the different regions of the Europe who are the most powerful teams are joining this tournament each year. When we look at the how popular the UEFA Champions League is we can look at the 2009 finals. In that year about 100.000.000 people watch the final match and it becomes the most popular program of the year of 2009. Up to now, 22 teams win the UEFA Champions League. Let’s look at the football team of Barcelona in a close way.

FC Barcelona v FC Spartak Moscow - UEFA Champions League


The number of Championship of the Football Club of Barcelona in UEFA Champions League.

From the beginning of the tournament, the team who in the cup of championship to much is Read Madrid with 9 championship. When we look at the Barcelona, we see that they win the cup for four times. They are the years of 1992, 2006, 2009, and 2011. The football team is very successful not only in the Spain but also other regions and tournaments of Europe. From the point of economic way, the football team of Barcelona is very wealthy and up to now they don’t take any advertisement of uniform but on 14 July 2006 they sign an agreement with UNICEF for five years and this is the first agreement of them from the point of advertisement. As a result of this agreement, the club gets any money from the UNICEF but on the other hand they are helping the foundation 1, 5 million euro in order to help children from the point of economic way. As a consequent, in the year of 2001 they make an agreement with Qatar Foundation and on the other hand Turkish Airlines is also the transportation keeper of the football club of Barcelona. When we look at the staff of Barcelona we see that the technical manager of the club now is Tito Vilanova, assistant manager is Jordi Roura. These two people are working the club in order to get success in the tournaments that are not only in Spain but also other tournaments that are in Europe and along the whole world. In future, the club will increase its budget with their successes.


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