How many types of Hamburger are there?

Hamburger is a popular sandwich type. Many fast food restaurant’s use it as their main dish. Ground meat and bread roll are the main ingredients of a classical hamburger. Also there are many ingredients from lettuce to mayonnaise in the world restaurants. There are many theories where hamburger and hamburger name is coming from but the most popular theory is Hamburg city of Deutschland. According to explanation from High German, people from Hamburg are called Hamburger and when they moved to England, they also carried their burger and it’s called as hamburger. Founder of modern hamburger is known as Louis Lassen and he created it in 1900. How many types of Hamburger are there?

There are many worldwide and local types of hamburger now. Today the most popular hamburger type selling in the fast food restaurants like Burger King or McDonalds is originally Australasian hamburgers. In this type of hamburger, restaurants use ground beef as hamburger meat. Also they include tomato, grilled onion and lettuce to it. Australian restaurants are mostly adding cheese into it but worldwide restaurants are selling it as cheeseburger. Also some local Australian restaurants add pineapple, bacon, beetroot or fried egg into it. Australians call the hamburger as “The Lot” when additional ingredients are added.

New Zealand hamburger is also a classic type of hamburger and now it’s selling with different names all over the world. Difference between Australian hamburger and New Zealand hamburger is in the sauces. New Zealand restaurants add tomato sauce and barbecue sauce into their hamburger. McDonalds is selling now “McOz” and it’s the New Zealand hamburger originally.
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Chili burger is also a very popular type of hamburger. Chileans add chili con carne sauce into classic hamburger. Also they add cheese, onion and tomatoes into hamburger. Some restaurants were selling this hamburger as open faced in the plates but today many restaurants are selling it in classical style. After 1900s, some Chilean restaurants started to sell it in U.S and it became very popular in the country. Today many restaurants in the U.S are selling this type of hamburger with “The Carolina Burger” name. They are adding coleslaw, chopped onions and mustard into it. Wendy’s restaurants are the most popular “The Carolina Burger” seller in the U.S.
“Jucy Lucy “ is also a popular hamburger type in the U.S. Most important feature of Jucy Lucy is its cheese. Many similar hamburgers lay the cheese on the top but Jucy Lucy’s cheese is inside. Minneapolis is the birth place of Jucy Lucy and it’s still popular there. There are also restaurants in Barcelona making “Jucy Lucy” with roquefort cheese.
Slopper is very popular in Colorado and many fast food restaurants in U.S are selling it. It’s firstly started to be sold in 70s. Most important feature of Slopper is its Chile Sauce. Every restaurant prepares their own Chile Sauce for Slopper. Also it’s very popular to add grilled buns, french fries and chopped onions to it. Now Gray’s Tavern restaurants are selling Slopper as featured menu.
A veggie burger is the vegeterenian style of hamburger. It doesn’t contain any meat. Various vegeterenarian restaurants prepare it with different vegetables like corn and they add textured vegetable protein into it. It’s also possible to see Burger King prepares it with legumes like beans. Veggie Burger is firstly sold in Britain and it’s firstname was VegBurger. Carrefour hypermarket released Veggie Burger in package and it’s sold over 2000 packages in three weeks. After that, restaurants started to prepare Veggie Burger in U.S and it became a worldwide vegeterian burger all over the world.

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