How many types of USA currency are there?

Today, USA currency is the most valuable money in the world. It has acceptance all over the world and exchange rate is very high. $ is the sign of American Dollars and it’s firstly started to use in 18th century. It was firstly Peso as Spanish Colonials used in America. Then PS letters writing over one on other born the $ at last. First dollar started to use in 1792 and it was very similar to Spanish Dollar. All colonies used different dollar types since 1857. How many types of USA currency are there?

One dollar was costing different values in various countries in the first period of 1800s. Then silver and gold dollars were released to fix this problem.

In the history lots of different coins are used like $2.50 gold coin with nickname Quarter Eagle and $20 gold coin with the nickname Double Eagle. Today they are very precious for collectors.

Today, the smallest money on America is Penny. Its value is 1 cent and 100 pennies worth $1. It’s President Abraham Lincoln on the one side and Lincoln Memorial on the other side.

Nickel is 5 cents. 20 nickels are $1. President Thomas Jefferson on one side and Jefferson’s house Monticello is on the other side. There are also Dime for 10 cents, Quarter for 25 cents, Half Dollar for 50 cents and Dollar Coin for $1.

Also there are bills as $1 Bill, $2 Bill, $5 Bill, $10 Bill, $20 Bill, $50 Bill and $100 Bill.

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