How many types of motorcycles are there?

Motorcycle is a popular vehicle with two or three wheels. Today it’s possible to find various types of motorcycles for various needs like long road ride, urban traffic ride, racing and more. Today there are over 200 million active motorcycles in the world. It means 33 motorcycles for 1000 people. While developing countries use and develop motorcycles, developed countries mostly prefer cars for transportation. China is the biggest motorcycle market with 54 million motorcycles and India has 37 million motorcycles. After first release of motorcycle in 1868, various types of vehicle were released. How many types of motorcycles are there?

There are 9 main motorcycle types in the world. They are Street motorcycles, Cruisers, Sport bikes, Touring motorcycles, Sport touring motorcycles, Standard motorcycles, Dual-sport and scooters-moped class.
Cruisers are one of the most popular motorcycle types in the world. Their most popular period was 1930 to 1960. Especially today’s big motorcycle brands Harley-Davidson, Excelsior-Henderson and Indian became popular on this period. Their most distinctive feature was their low-end torque engines. Cruisers are giving the driver a charismatic riding position with body is in the back and arms are reaching to direction lengthwise. After 60s, a cruiser type Choppers became popular and they became an icon of popular culture. Choppers’ main feature is their non-traditional style and power feel.
Sport bikes are the signs of men’s speed, acceleration and brake power on the vehicles. They are expensive than standard motors but it’s possible to take more comfort and fuel economy on them. Inline-four engines is the typical engine of sport bikes today. Sport bikes made the speeds over 160 km/h possible and comfortable for motorcycle drivers. Also safety features are very developed on this type.

Touring motorcycles are specifically designed for long distance riding. They have developed wind protection, large capacity fuel tanks and fuel economy. Comfort level on touring motorcycles is high and luggage capacity is larger than standard models. Weight of touring motorcycles is averagely 390–410 kg and with passengers and luggage it may raise to 590–640 kg.
Sport touring motorcycle became popular after 80s. They are a good combination of sport and touring motorcycles. Some motorcycle companies are listing sport touring motorcycles in touring lists and also it’s possible to see same motorcycles in some magazine’s sport lists. Today there’s a high development work on this comfortable and fast motorcycle type. The Honda ST1300 Pan-European is a good and popular example of Sport touring motorcycle class.

Dual-sport motorcycles are off road motorcycles that take also street ride permission. They are mainly light, signal and some more instrument added version of off road motorbikes. They are higher than standard motorcycles and have a strong suspension level so it’s very hard to ride them for a typical motorcycle driver. Supermoto motorcycles are added to this category in recent years. It’s a good combination street motorcycle and road racing- motocross style. Small wheels are also characteristic of this motorcycle type.
Scooter is an urban type motorcycle. Their power is 50–650 cc. Companies produce scooters with a cleaner body style and middle comfort. They have large luggage capacities and this made them popular for carriers and pizza couriers. New scooter models are coming with features like continuously variable transmissions and automatic clutches. Their fuel economy is on highest level especially in daily ride. They have smaller wheels than standard models.
Moped are a good and popular combination of motorcycle and bicycle. They have a small engine. In recent years, their engine is mostly electric motor. Their main feature is that power can be supplied from motor or rider may power up by pedal cycling.

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