How many types of Golden Retriever are there?

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog types in the world. They used as gundogs for retrieving shoot ducks to gun owners in 1700s. After 1900s they started to be used as assistance dog. Especially in Canada and Australia, it’s possible to see now them as assistance dogs. Their characteristics is playing games, retrieving something and swimming. They like to play with children and they are mostly safe. There are lots of works for using them as guide dogs for blind people. How many types of Golden Retriever are there?

The Golden Retriever’s first breeds were found in Australia and Canada. They became popular in a short period because they are easier to train than other dog breeds. In first century, they used with long hairs but then problems on frosty weather forced people to trash their hair. Then hunters started to use them because they were very quick and very capable. Earl of Malmesbury saw a golden retriever and exported them to England.
Today there are three types of Golden Retriever. They are British type, American type and Canadian type. Most popular type is British Type.

British Type Golden Retriever is known wider and shorter than others. Also they have blockier forehead and shorter tail. They are heavier than American Type but not all of them. Males of British Type is characteristically 56–61 cm, female of them are 51–56 cm. Their main color is cream or gold. But they are mostly cream in recent years. Red is not a permissible color for British type. They are the breeds coming from hunter gene so it’s possible to see some problems while they are playing with children.
Other Golden Retriever type is American type. Main characteristic of American Golden Retriever is its lanky style. Female of type is 5 cm shorter than males. Color of them is lustrous gold but it’s possible to see various shades. They are also characteristic with gait walk style. It’s easy to distinguish an American Type Golden Retriever with its stylish, well-coordinated and powerful walk style.

Canadian type is very similar to American type Golden Retriever. Main difference is that Canadian Golden Retrievers are leaner and taller than others. It’s possible to see that Canadian Golden Retriever’s coats are darker than others.
All three types “temperament” style is friendly, confident and powerful. It’s a truth that they are losing their muscle strength with more domestic usage. Their stranger friendly behavior type can be advantageous or disadvantageous. They like to play and protect children. But they can’t be a guard dog. Attack or aggression is not a normal behavior for them but there are a few samples of Golden Retriever aggression.
They are very intelligent and easy to learn. But owners must be very patient because gathering their concentration to learning is very hard for all types.
All types of Golden Retriever like working but they can try overwork and harm themselves. Their hunting dog heritage has some signs still.
Their main illness is Cancer. Especially tumors like hemangiosarcoma, osteosarcoma and mast cell tumor are very common. Especially in America, they are facing the obesity problem. Golden Retriever is very easy to be obese and owners must be very careful for it. Veterinaries offer swimming for them. Their perfect swimming abilities may help to save them from obesity. Also they like activities dock jumping and similar.

They need grooming regularly. But their bath requirement is occasional. Their hunt dog heritage helps them to stand clear as far as possible. Baldness after grooming may be the symptom of illness or stress.

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