How many types of eagles are there?

Eagles are one of the most popular animals in the world. They have a large area on the habitats and cultures and religion history. Lots of flags use eagle as a symbol of power. It’s now possible to find eagles all over the world beside Antarctica. They mostly make their nests on high hill or high trees. Female eagles are always bigger than male eagles. Eagles lay on two eggs but bigger one mostly cracks the smallest. As the smallest egg is mostly male, female eagle population is always larger than male eagles. How many types of eagles are there?

There are 59 known Eagle types in the world. Scientists categorized them in five. They are The Sea Eagles, the Snake Eagles, the Booted Eagles, the Harpy Eagles and Fish Eagles.

The Sea Eagles mostly feeds with fishes and other sea creatures. Bald Eagle on the USA flag is also a sea eagle. Bald Eagle is fast and hard to resist.

Harpy Eagles are mostly living in rain forests. They are the bigger kind of eagles on the world. Black Solitary Eagle is the most popular species. They are endangered to extinct now.

Snake Eagles are some migrating eagles. It’s possible to find them where they can find food. They are stranger than standard eagle shape by their colorful beak.

Booted Eagles are one of the most attacking eagles in the world. They eat from small animals to big ones. They are mostly seen in North America and The Golden Eagle is the most popular species of them.

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